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Everything You Need to Know about NFT Domains

NFT Domains

NFT domains are new extensions like .crypto, .nft, or .blockchain (like .com, .net, or .org) that were introduced as smart contracts on public blockchains.

Except for.zil, which runs on Zilliqa, all NFT domains are ERC-721 (NFTs) on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.”

Unlike traditional domains, which are leased by a single authority, NFT domains are self-stored in a wallet by the owner, similar to bitcoin, and no third party can take them away or remove their content. NFT domains don’t need to be renewed, and you can keep them for as long as you want.

A self-custody option is conceivable since your domain is a blockchain asset that may be stored in your wallet like a cryptocurrency. This custodial approach bestows “super-powers” on your NFT domain that ordinary domains lack.

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Because your NFT domain is self-custody, it:

  • It’s a global login that may be used across apps and websites.
  • A third party cannot seize your property.
  • Deployment of decentralized websites is possible.
  • Can be sent over the world in a matter of seconds without the need for approval from a third party.
  • Gives the domain owner complete control and access to domain management options, such as adding crypto addresses to make payments easier and directing website content to your domain.

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How to search a NFT domain?

It’s time to get started now that you know what an NFT domain is.

  • Look for a Domain
  • You can use the search option on UnstopableDomians webpage to look for a domain.
  • No spaces, only English characters and numbers.
  • There you can add unavailable domains to your watchlist and get notified via email when they become open to the general public.

How to Buy an NFT domain?

You only have to pay once, and the domain is yours for life, with no renewal fees. The current pricing tiers for available domains can be seen here. They currently accept credit cards, Paypal, cryptocurrency payments (BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, LTC, USDC), and pay.

If you’re sending crypto from an exchange, double-check that you’re sending enough to cover the costs and still have enough to pay for your order.

Some exchangers deduct fees from the amount you plan to transfer, resulting in your order being underpaid if you do not cover these costs.

Note: For payments with crypto, use Main chains only.

Connect a Wallet with Your Account

In order for minted domains to appear in My Domains, the wallet from which they were minted must be connected in Account Settings.

  • Click Add Wallet in your Account Settings.
  • Sign in using the wallet containing the domains you want to appear in your account.

Users must presently pay gas fees for every update on Ethereum-based websites.

How to Mint Your Domain?

The process of transferring your domains from our database to the blockchain and into your cryptocurrency wallet is known as minting. The user has complete control over a domain after it has been created.

  • Your domain will appear in the My Domains section of our website after you have purchased it.
  • Over the domain you want to mint, click the Free Mint button.
  • Enter your two-factor authentication code.
  • You can connect your wallet in a variety of ways.
  • Confirm the purchase and sign it.

How to Add Crypto Address?

Any money you get will be sent to these addresses. Here is a list of all the coins that are supported.

  • Navigate to My Domains.
  • Go to Manage and choose it.
  • Fill up the correct field with your cryptocurrency addresses.
  • Wallet is used to save and sign documents.

Send funds to a Domain

The funds must originate from integrated wallets for domains to operate as crypto address replacements. Unstoppable is currently available on the following wallets, exchanges, and applications.

  • Go to the exchange or wallet that is integrated.
  • In the recipient address area, type the domain name.
  • Send the funds.

Build a Decentralized Website

Easy-to-use website templates and tools can be used to create a website.

You can also use a third-party program like Mobirise (which is free), save the website to your hard drive, then upload the files to and link the IPFS hash with your domain.

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Surf the Dweb

.crypto domains are supported by Brave and Opera. UnstoppableDomian is constantly seeking additional implementations from major browser manufacturers. Other browsers will require our browser extension or a little change to the browser settings for the time being.

You’ll need either the browser extension or the Unstoppable Browser to view.zil domains.

How to Transfer Domains

When managing your domain, choose the Transfer tab to send the domain to a wallet address. We strongly advise sending domains only to wallets that are supported.

How to Sell NFT Domains

Domains for sale can be tagged on our site with a contact email address, but actual sales are handled through third-party platforms like,, or Mintable.

  • Gas costs are usually charged when assets are listed on marketplaces, and roughly 2.5 percent of the amount is charged when they are sold.
  • Unstoppable Domains is not responsible for secondary market prices.

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