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8 Methods to Earn Money in Your Free Time

Earn Money Online

Today, thanks to new technologies, it is no-nonsense to earn money in your free time. Then discover various methods to do it.

Do you want to earn money in your free time? Today, and mostly thanks to new technologies, it is no-nonsense. In fact, it is easier than ever, and here you will discover various methods to do so.

How to earn money in your free time

To earn money in your spare time you have to analyze your talents, that you have them safe, and then exploit them wisely. Of course, arm yourself with patience, since this is not an exact science. But with desire, knowledge, and enthusiasm, nobody is going to stop you. So, adapting the classic saying, ‘free time is gold’. Take advantage!

1. Rent rooms

We also find today a multitude of options for renting rooms and even homes while you’re not in the case, or being, of course. Tools like Airbnb are excellent for having an extra every month if you don’t mind living together, and if you are an owner, obviously.

2. Make money driving

You don’t have to be a taxi driver to earn some money driving. There are options, more or less controversial, yes, as is Uber or Bla Bla Car. You only need a car in conditions. So, when you have a trip to do or free time, you can cover expenses and even earn a small extra.

3. Organize parties and events

Today, when we live in the world of stress, stress, and haste, many people do not have time to organize an event for their family or friends, a work meeting with important clients, or their child’s birthday. What do you think if you do it? There are also a good number of online platforms where you can sell your services as a freelance, Freelance Work or a Thousand Ads.

4. Write as a freelance

Do you like to write? There are countless media and companies that are raffled to the editors of articles, blogs, emails and other options for their websites. In addition, if you want to access the best apps to search, find or advertise your services, the offer is huge: Fiverr, Geniuzz, Muobo, Workana, Freelancer, Soyfreelance, Redactorweb, Freelance Work … You can search for contractors or offer your skills waiting to call the Customer service

And if you dare with journalism, there are even options like Blasting News, a social platform where you can create a user and earn some money writing news about what you like most. They read you so much, you feel so much.

5. Sell ​​your photographic work

Have you thought that your photographic work can have value? Surely yes. And for that, you just have to contact platforms like Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images or Thinkstock, and earn extra income by exploiting your talent for the image. In addition, you can also offer drawings, paintings, schemes, infographics, animations, etc.

6. Become a dog walker

If a person does not have time to organize a birthday or party, less to walk their dog. So using many of the online platforms we have proposed, you also have the option to offer your services to give your pet a spin.

In this sense, you can not only make living walking dogs. Other options are to take care of your pets while they are traveling or cannot spend the necessary time.

7. Sell ​​your books thanks to desktop publishing

Do you like writing, but your concerns go beyond writing articles? Nowadays, you have many platforms from which you can edit your own books and put them on sale. The best known is undoubtedly Amazon, but there are more options, such as the Tagus, from the Book House, Ebrolis or the self-publishing company of the well-known Penguin Random House. Who knows? You still have an Arturo Pérez-Reverte or a Stephen King.

8. Sell ​​what you no longer use

Another good option, which in addition will be very useful to remove junk from the middle, is the sale of what you no longer use. In this sense, you find a huge number of platforms. From the classic eBay or Rakuten to more modern ones like Wallapop. Mobile phones, game consoles, and technology are raffled by buyers. What’s more, you can even offer your car, surely there is someone who needs it.

You already know 8 methods to earn money in your spare time that you may not even know existed before. So, if you have trouble reaching the end of the month, get down to work and exploit your talents to get this extra that you need so much.

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