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6 Points to Think About When Buying an Android Fax App

6 Points to Think About When Buying an Android Fax App

Do you know 6 Points to Think About When Buying an Android Fax App? One of the earliest forms of technology still in use for corporate communication is faxing. Faxing still has a big part to play in dealing with confidential papers, despite the fact that more modern forms of communication like emails and instant messaging have gained the spotlight. It comes as no great surprise that mobile device applications are being created to satisfy this commercial demand.

In the past, fax communication required a phone line and a modem to function. The hardware also required a lot of room and paper. These all increased your overall office costs. However, if you have an internet connection, mobile applications offer a platform through which you and your team may transmit and receive documents from any location.

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Choosing A Mobile Fax App

6 Points to Think About When Buying an Android Fax App
6 Points to Think About When Buying an Android Fax App

For the various mobile operating systems, developers provide a wide range of applications. Considering that Android is more accessible, picking an Android Fax App might be preferable. Because you might discover that the majority of your business partners utilise the same platform. Your team members may also have cellphones running the Android operating system.

Despite this simplicity of choosing depending on platform, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the abundance of Android fax apps would necessitate careful selection. The following are some factors to think about while selecting an Android fax app for your company.

1. The App’s Pricing Plans And Payment Options

You would prefer a fax app pricing plan with easy payments that fit into your schedules as a cost. Additionally, you want a subscription plan that allows you the flexibility to change it based on your company’s demands for the time being. Therefore, the fax software you use should be affordable and flexible for you.

Some fax apps, for instance, offer payment options like pay per page, pay per fax, pay monthly, or pay annually. With so many options, you can choose the one that won’t interfere with your cash flow.

You should also have the option to update or deactivate the fax app if your needs change.   It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of applications offer a free trial so that you can try out their features. Thus, this can help you settle on a favourable fax app from the payment and pricing plans it has on its dashboard.

2. Check Availability Of Fax And Toll Numbers

Even while the majority of basic subscription plans provide you a free fax number, you may upgrade with some apps to get an infinite number of additional fax lines. To increase productivity and service quality, it can include giving each member of your staff a unique fax number.

Furthermore, some applications may have restricted areas where fax numbers can and cannot send or receive faxes. Therefore, it’s crucial to check whether the fax numbers you receive allow you to send faxes to your business locations when choosing a fax software. Check the total quantity of free fax numbers you are given as well as the geographic functioning of these numbers.

3. Technical Support

Android fax apps might have various issues at any time of day, just like other technologies. Therefore, it would be ideal if you could get help when you need it. Therefore, you want to pick an app that offers technical support around-the-clock. If you run into issues, you may relax knowing that their tech support is available around-the-clock to help. By doing so, you may streamline your business operations and prevent delays.

4. The Security Measures

The majority of the documents you fax include sensitive information that only you should have access to. Therefore, take into account the encryption level while choosing a fax programme. There are fax apps available on the market that use 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. However, 256-bit encryption is advised by cybersecurity experts as it is more secure and challenging to crack. Your chosen app should so demonstrate its use of it.

A fax app should have multi-layer security that demands additional log-in credentials in addition to encryption. This approach, known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), can use a one-time pin or a biometric provision (OTP). These additional security measures guarantee that everyone who accesses the documents on the app is authorised to do so. Thus, your data can always be safe and secure

5. Monthly Number Of Pages

Apps for faxing on Android can offer a wide range of services. While other applications offer a range, certain apps limit the number of pages you can send each month. Some, however, let you design a personalised plan to meet your monthly faxing requirements. As a result, you can base your choice on how many pages you can send each month.

For instance, you can choose a fax app with a scalability option if you have a seasonal project. You can change the quantity of faxes according to the season.

6. Compliance With Industry Regulations

Every industry has its own privacy laws to safeguard customer and business data and information. As a result, the fax software you choose shouldn’t violate the regulations’ provisions for privacy protection. For instance, if you work in the healthcare industry, it would be beneficial if the fax software you select complies with HIPAA compliance requirements.


Android fax apps offer the flexibility and convenience that come with mobile devices. Consequently, obtaining one for your company can improve operations. It would be beneficial to take into account the aforementioned elements before deciding on a final fax app.

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