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Uber Driver App Will Soon Support Apple Car Play


Do you know Uber Driver App Will Soon Support Apple Car Play? Uber, a ride-hailing company, is offering its drivers something fresh and cutting-edge. This time, Uber informed drivers that it will soon be launching an updated version of its app that would support Apple’s Car Play, which gives drivers access to a larger screen.

Uber Driver App Soon Apple Car Play

Uber Driver App Soon Apple Car Play
Uber Driver App Soon Apple Car Play

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All major automakers employ Car Play, an Apple offering, to make the head unit a display and controller for an iOS device.

With Apple Car Play, an iOS smartphone may use a car radio or head unit as both a display and a controller. It is compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 7.1, beginning with the iPhone 5.

Therefore, using Car Play on your iPhone while driving is a more considerate and secure option. Drivers can easily use this to retrieve directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to their preferred music while driving.

However, Car Play now offers more app categories and personalised dashboard wallpapers. Drivers won’t need to switch between their phones and the screen because Uber has chosen to integrate Apple Car App into its driver app.

The feature is being made available to drivers all around the United States, according to the verified sources. It further informed the sources that it was hoped that by the end of the current month, the capability would be accessible to all users.

Drivers may view, accept, and navigate trips, as well as navigate and add rides to their queue.

By granting them access to a larger screen, the combination of Apple Car Play and Uber will also be advantageous to drivers. This will simplify the display of Uber’s navigation system’s features, such as heat maps, other routes, and street sides.

However, many current high-tech vehicles already include Apple’s Car Play technology. This turns the head unit in the automobile into a touchscreen.

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Steps to Take

According to an email from Uber, the following are the few actions that drivers must take in order to link the Uber driver app to Car Play:

1. Launch the application on your iPhone and press access online

2. Wirelessly or with a cable, connect your phone to your vehicle.

3. When finished, launch Car Play and get started.

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