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Spotify Recovers After Several Hours of Downtime


Do you know Spotify Recovers After Several Hours of Downtime? renowned music streaming service On Saturday morning, millions of users all over the world experienced a Spotify music service interruption. Numerous users were unable to log in, and tens of thousands of users claimed that their feeds unexpectedly ceased.

Before 6 a.m. PKT, DownDetector got over 30,000 reports, and there was a spike just after. Spotify’s web API status page, which records outages, showed a “small” partial disruption that only had an impact on the music player and had no other effects. However, this is also Spotify’s most crucial feature.

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Spotify Recovers After Several Hours

Spotify Recovers After Several Hours

Spotify acknowledged the problem via its ‘Spotify Status’ Twitter account an hour later and added, “We are looking into it.” After successfully fixing the problem around 9 AM PKT, Spotify reported that “everything’s looking lot better now.”

Before 6 AM PKT, DownDetector gathered over 30,000 reports, and there was a spike shortly after. A “small” partial disruption that only affected the music player and nothing else was reported on Spotify’s status page, which tracks outages for the company’s web API. But that is also Spotify’s most important component.

The last time Spotify experienced a similar slowdown, it was because of problems with Google Cloud services, which also affected a wide range of other software and services. This time, there have been no indications of routing issues or larger-scale concerns with the cloud that would have simultaneously damaged other services.

There are no recent reports of outages on DownDetector, and Spotify appears to be accessible in Pakistan. You might need to rely on alternative apps because it’s possible that some unlucky customers are still feeling the impacts of the outage.

In a tweet sent an hour later, Spotify recognised the problem and stated that “we are looking into it.” When the problem was finally resolved at 9 AM PKT, Spotify tweeted, “Everything’s looking much better now.”

The last time there was such a hiccup, it was due to difficulties with Google Cloud services, which also affected many other services and apps. This time, there are no signs of routing problems or issues at a broader cloud scale that would have simultaneously harmed other services.

There have been no reports of Spotify downtime in the last few hours, and it appears to be operating without issues in Pakistan. However, it’s likely that some unfortunate customers may continue to experience the aftereffects of the outage, so you may need to rely on alternative apps.

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