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Twitter iOS App: How to Upload High-Resolution Images on Twitter

upload hd images on Twitter
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If you want to see an image in full resolution, follow these steps to see the content of the accounts you follow in all its glory.

Twitter for iOS offers a discreet feature that allows you to view images from the social network in the highest possible quality.

Hidden among Twitter settings, users can find a function that allows uploading an image in 4K resolution. This allows you to view an image at its maximum resolution so that you can see more detail and zoom without sacrificing the definition of the photo.

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To upload an image in full resolution, follow these steps:

  • Go to the photo you want to upload in full resolution.
  • Long press on the photo until the Share menu opens.
  • Select the Upload 4K option that appears below the Share option.

Once this is done, the image will start to load again (a blue bar will appear above the image) and it may take time to finish downloading the new image in full resolution, depending on the original size.

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This feature exists for now on Twitter for iOS and since Twitter has not announced it as an app feature, it may be more of something that iOS allows for its users. But whether they are pears or apples, there you have a function to get more out of your hours on Twitter.

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