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Check Out How ChatGPT Created a Workout Routine for Me

Are you confused about where to start? Putting together a workout routine is easy with ChatGPT

How ChatGPT Created a Workout Routine for Me

You can start exercising daily in a variety of ways. Are you confused about where to start? Putting together a workout routine is easy with ChatGPT. Its fitness tips might not be great for everyone, but they are a good place to start for anyone who wants to get in better shape. Check Out this guide on How ChatGPT Created a Workout Routine for Me.

Workout Routines Can be Created with ChatGPT. They Need Some Work Themselves

You should know what kind of exercise you want to do and what you want to achieve before you ask ChatGPT to make you a workout or exercise plan. This is because typing in a general order like “make a workout routine for me” will only get ChatGPT to ask you something like this:

ChatGPT Created a Workout Routine for Me

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Therefore, you can either answer the questions above or go ahead and say what kind of workout plan you’d like right away. For instance, you could write something like, “Make a gym workout plan to strengthen your upper body.” I can work out three times a week, even though I’m new to it.

After that, ChatGPT will give you a plan. Usually, each busy day has five or six different exercises. Without a doubt, if you asked for a plan that included more cardio exercises like running or riding, your days would be a little different.

If there’s an exercise you don’t like or can’t do (maybe because you don’t have the right gear), you can always ask ChatGPT to make a new practice that doesn’t include or use that exercise.

using chatgpt to make workout routine for upper body

Also, you should make sure to say how much knowledge and fitness you have. Giving your age, height, and weight is also a good idea. If the practice that ChatGPT gives you seems too hard (or too easy), you should probably start over and make it clear that you want something different.

Firstly, Ask for a Personal Trainer

ChatGPT’s workout routines are perfectly sound in terms of how they are put together, based on my own experience. They are like the workouts I used to do in gyms; they include rest days that are helpful and give you tips on how to increase the weights (or reps/sets) as you get stronger.

But people who are just starting and using ChatGPT to make their first workout should be careful. There are a few important reasons for this.

To begin, ChatGPT’s exercise details are clear but not very detailed. This means that people who have never done side planks, Russian twists, or dumbbell rows may find it hard to do them correctly. So, they should always ask the gym staff to show them how to do each part of their workout, including showing them the right way to do things.

ChatGPT's workout routines

Second, and more generally, they should ask trainers if the practices that ChatGPT gives them are actually right for them. The person I talked to at my gym told me that my workout plan could use at least one more chest-focused exercise.

More importantly, ChatGPT did nothing wrong when it described a good practice for building upper-body strength. However, it often lacks the background and bigger picture that would help people get better advice. In addition to telling me to work on strengthening my upper body, the teacher I talked to also told me I should also work on strengthening my core and legs.

So, ChatGPT did make a pretty good upper body workout, but if it were as good as a trained professional, it would have also suggested a more complete plan. This is especially important if you’re going to the gym to recover from an illness or accident, since experienced trainers will likely ask about these things and give you advice based on that information.

Hybrid Approaches Work Best

As with many other uses of AI, most people would be better off getting help from both ChatGPT and a real person. While ChatGPT is a good place to start when making a personalized workout plan, it doesn’t always catch everything and doesn’t see the whole person the way a certified trainer would.

Still, the workouts I made and used with ChatGPT helped me get stronger and more fit than anything else I’ve tried in the past few years. At least, they were once I adjusted them to fit my needs and figured out how to do some of the exercises I hadn’t done before.

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