The 8 Best Movies on Hulu for Christmas

Best Movies on Hulu for Christmas

Hulu has no huge collection of original programming, but it is worth checking the stash it has. Hulu has to offer, from one of Kristen Stewart’s best new movies for Christmas to Indians with a unique location and some terrific gems.

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8 Best Movies on Hulu for Christmas

I Am Greta

Best Movies on Hulu for Christmas

The remarkable story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg was a matter of time before a documentary chronicle was published. I Am Greta’s one person school strike outside the Swedish Parliament by Thunberg is an intimate look. We see a bit of her life as a timid Asperger’s student as well. The rare images are in the hands of Swedish director Nathan Grossman, following the galvanizing effect Thunberg has had from these steps into the world.

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Happiest Season

Best Movies on Hulu

Happiest Sea is one of the best new gems to glance onto your holiday viewing shelf if you like your Christmas films with a shot of substance. Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis are stars in their relationship as loving couples Abby and Harper: Harper is not yet with his conservative family. Happiest Season is an intelligent, modern Christmas movie with an emotional punch, which gives the warmth of a Hall Mark Card with no cheestiness and enhanced by an astonishing cast including Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, and Dan Levy.


The year was a great year for Sarah Paulson, with Ms. America, Ratched and now Run, an Aneesh chaganty thriller (check out his excellent directorial debut Searching). In Run, Paulson plays Diane Sherman, her wheelchair-bound daughter Chloe’s mother (Kiera Allen). But the relationship between their mother and daughter is more disturbing than it seems. Send a new level of parenting to helicopters with suspense, mystery, and horror.

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Bad Hair

Bad Hair might only take that to the next level. Once the big Fleabag said, “Hair is everything.” The horror satire of the eighties comes after a young woman who reluctantly agrees to weave — but it does have consequences if her image is to satisfy the image-obsessed music industry. Absurdly funny and troubling, Bad Hair reveals a fun fable that reflects on contemporary life.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is right in the category of a charming indie film: its fresh science fiction premise is the gateway to deeper thinking. As Sarah and Nyles, Cristin miloti and Andy Samberg star, two strangers, meet and wedding, even stumble into the time-loop on the Groundhog Day. Their only opportunity for escape appears to be a personal breakthrough. Palm Springs should be on your list of visual destinations very much when sticking to the landing.

Big Time Adolescence

Big Time Adolescence is an upcoming film that focuses on the mess of growing up. Pete Davidson plays the 16-year-old Mo slacker. Mo tries new things from alcohol to girls at parties with his influence. His influence. Lessons are learned, as you might expect. A clever ensemble of Jon Cryer is the cake’s cherry that brings this heartfelt gem together.

Little Monsters

Zombies, the Australian outback, and a school bus with lucky kids are a mix that you can expect to finish off badly. Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o) follows Little Monsters on their gigantic task in the day care: maintain her burdens secure and overlooks the eating of flesh monsters (and of echidna). She’ll be the teacher of the year if she pulls it off. Little Monsters is ludicrous to use a new brain to deal with the genre when they are scenes-robbing Josh Gad.

Minding the Gap

This extraordinary documentary by Bing Liu is a skateboarding love letter on the surface. But go a bit deeper, and you’ll find the vast depths of Minding the Gap. It explores domestic trauma, systemic racism, and classicality as a rich and thoughtful tale about young people growing up in America in the 21st century. Beyond the skatepark it resonates.

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