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Twitter Deboosting: It’s the ‘Algorithm,’ according to Tech CEO

Twitter Deboosting

Twitter may be getting ready to demote users who reply to Elon Musk, which some fans of the tech CEO think is unfair. Musk responded to these claims by saying that the platform’s current algorithm is “not genius” and that he is focused on how it is set up right now.

If Twitter’s deal with Musk goes through, the algorithm might change in the future.

Twitter: Deboosting Fans of Elon Musk that Replies to him?

A user on Twitter questioned its algorithm and how it treats people who are close to Elon Musk, especially fans who reply to the tech CEO often on Twitter. The user said that the social media company demotes people who respond to the Tesla CEO and is not playing fair.

The tweet also said that the platform de-boosts people who use GIFs and the word “yaaaas.”

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Twitter Algorithm is ‘Not Genius’; Changes Soon?

Musk responded and put the blame by saying that the problem was with Twitter’s current algorithm, which was made by the people in charge of the company at the time. The tech billionaire said that this algorithm is “not exactly genius,” and it is not the same thing that “on purpose” hurts the people who reply to his tweets.

Here, well-known online personalities like Pranay Pathole, with whom Musk interacts, said that an open-source algorithm that Musk promised would work well. Musk agrees with this statement, and the public may see it in the future, especially if the deal goes through and the executive takes over the company.

Twitter, Elon Musk, and the Future

Twitter has been around for a long time, and many people used it when blogging was popular in the late 2000s. It is now a social media site that gives the public a way to express themselves, and Musk is in charge of it.

Its algorithm is one of the reasons why it is such a popular platform, and many people prefer it to other social media sites that have more rules and mostly track their data. Twitter is about to get a new policy that will focus on a new strategy that will hide false information during a crisis to keep people safe.

With all of the promises and claims made by the tech CEO, the future of social media will be based on a platform that helps people with their many needs.

Even though Twitter is one of the most popular platforms right now, it is not a perfect one. Many people find that not everyone gets the same treatment and attention. Still, Twitter is a place where everyone can have a good time, and maybe in the future, it will help its users be more well-rounded.

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