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How to Watch an Instagram Story Anonymously?

Instagram Stories

As you know, on Instagram you can create so-called “stories”. This feature makes it possible to share content for 24 hours before it disappears permanently, as snapchat offers.

You can publish photos, videos, texts or surveys. It is also possible to know who watched them, just as a third-party account can see if you have viewed its story.

This method rarely causes problems, unless you want to spy on someone in particular. So, to do this, and thus remain anonymous, there are two solutions and we explain which ones.

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Watch an Instagram story anonymously with StoriesIG

On the Internet you will find a tool called StoriesIG, which specializes in the subject. Through the use of the latter, you will access the Instagram interface of so-called public profiles, including the content of their Story.

As StoriesIG has the advantage of being free, you don’t need to register or register. And, in addition to secretly viewing the activity of some users, you will also have the option to download their content. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the rights still go to Instagram, or the owners of the accounts.

Now that you know the important points of StoriesIG, here’s how to watch Instagram stories without being noticed:

  • Go to StoriesIG.
  • In the search bar that appears on the main page, enter the name of the Instagram user of your choice.
  • Click View.
  • Then, go to the Storytab.

Now you have access to it anonymously and can, if you wish, download it to your computer or smartphone.

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Watch an Instagram story anonymously in airplane mode

Even simpler and faster, to see stories without being seen, we advise you to activate the airplane mode of your smartphone, available on iOS and Android. Then:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Wait for the available stories to load on your phone.
  • Once done, turn on airplane mode.
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