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Top 10 Online Learning Apps for Students

Online Learning Apps

It wasn’t long ago that smartphones were used as a distracting source for the students. Teachers and parents tried everything they could not let smartphones affect student education, particularly in Pakistan. All their efforts ended in vain. Yet as the saying goes, there is a silver lining to any storm. This time the development of mobile apps has been the silver lining. Mobile applications have converted smartphones into virtual classrooms (during the COVID-19 crisis), where students quickly and concentrate on learning activities. Online learning apps along with new, advanced learning management software are changing the landscape of education.

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Whether learning subjects or organizing activities in the classroom, learning apps have made everything simpler and more enjoyable. This article will show you some of the best free online learning apps to help students make the most of their use of their smartphones. Fasten the seatbelts so. We are immersing ourselves right into this.

Top 10 Online Learning Apps for Students

1. DigiSkills LMS

DigiSkills LMS is an app that allows you to access all the courses has to offer. It’s an ambitious initiative taken by the Pakistan government, it’s a free program with the goal of training more than one million people in digital skills development. Ultimately, this would encourage people to freelance and earn. The goal of the app is to ensure that the digital economy in Pakistan empowers freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. Click Here to download the application.

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2. Coursera

Coursera is an online academy offering a wide selection of courses. It has a wide array of available lessons and classes for students. This offers more than 1,000 practical courses for the ease of gaining specific knowledge and skills. The courses are structured in a relatively sophisticated way, including online tutorials, assignments, and video lessons. Upon completion of the course, students are awarded with a certificate. Some courses are optional, while the nominal fee is charged for others. Click Here to download the application. Online learning apps

3. Quizlet

Quizlet has many successful ways to promote and pace learning. You’ll see different study mode buttons right out of the gate, such as learning, flashcards, writing, testing, and matching etc. Each of these modes offers various ways to learn the topics you like.

Another distinguishing feature of Quizlet is the use of flashcards. Flashcards facilitate successful recall when learning, the mechanism of actively activating memory. This is one of the most effective strategies for learning out there.

Quizlet’s app contains millions of readymade flashcards. You can even create and share the flashcards with other students. Quizlet also contains a lot of gaming events to brush up what you have learned. The app provides continuous study reminders of progress milestones along the way. Click Here to download the Quizlet app.

4. Alison

This platform offers free online courses from some of today’s best known online names, including Google, Microsoft, and Macmillan. It covers topics such as economic literacy, personal growth, and business/enterprise skills, with already over 4 million users and over 600 courses. Click Here to download the Alison app.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is quite a popular platform for online learning. It helps to learn more traditional subjects such as mathematics, physics, statistics, economics, astronomy, and much more.

The app gives you access to over 10,000 instructional videos, as well as different tutorials and courses. It’s very useful for students and the best part is it is cost-free. Khan Academy to download the application.

6. Duolingo

Learning new languages takes tremendous patience and practice. It’s not all cup of tea. If the learning strategies are not adaptive, then we can lose concentration and interest easily.

But Duolingo has made it a cakewalk to learn the language. It helps us learn many languages in a fun and interactive way, such as English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, and so on. It begins with games for baseline picture marking. As you complete more levels, there will be many different types of engaging games to improve your skills in vocabulary and grammar.

You should set your daily goals too. The app also keeps track of your performance for insight. When you play well, you ‘re going to be earning XPs. The more XPs you receive, the more sets of interactive stories are unlocked to improve your comprehension of reading and listening. Click Here to download Duolingo app.

7. PhotoMath

PhotoMath is a learning app concentrating exclusively on a single topic – maths. The best and most unique feature is its OCR capability, so you can write down an equation that can be entered into the application using a mobile camera to capture it. It solves the equation step by step offering a comprehensive solution, as you can learn to solve the problem too, it is very helpful.

The cost-free edition includes the basic features, while the pro version includes you with step-by-step understanding to complete the calculations, improved explanations and extra tools for analysis. Click Here to download the application.

8. YouTube

Many of you don’t thank for an educational application when you’re talking for YouTube. YouTube is a quite versatile platform with all sorts of videos. If you start using it for learning purposes it is the best online learning application.

From a YouTube video, you can know almost anything; there are thousands of channels that keep posting educational videos. You will be able to find a video on YouTube for practically anything to learn. The only thing that can bother you are about the commercials. If you use YouTube regularly for learning purposes you will pay to delete them. Click Here to download the application.

9. Udemy

Udemy is probably one of the best apps for students out there to know. This has over 130,000 online tutorials for courses ranging from technology and business to lessons on personal growth such as drawing, writing, yoga, and so on.

Another fun thing is that we get to know these subjects at our own pace as well. If you feel stuck at some lessons, the students and instructors can ask questions and clear your doubts. For example, if you have any ideas for mobile apps, the expert teachers at Udemy take you by hand to your vision of creating an app for that. Click Here to download the Udemy app.

10. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is a UK-based online education provider that provides online courses from top colleges and institutions around the world, popularly known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. The Open University which has a long history of distance learning and online education launched FutureLearn in 2013. It currently has over 160 partners, including many top universities in the UK. Amnesty International and UNESCO are non-university partners. Online learning apps

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