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5 Different Types of SEO That You Must Understand For Online Marketing

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In digital marketing, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization seeks greater attention compared to other marketing techniques. It is the only way to improve online visibility and build a strong digital presence by ameliorating high ranks for the website.

As per the latest research, 61% of marketers have prioritized SEO for their inbound marketing strategy. According to them, SEO leads to a substantial growth of a business by nourishing the website traffic and improving its appearance. You can even ask your SEO expert, USA, or in the UK. They will give you the same response.

Understanding the importance of SEO in digital marketing, plenty of marketers bang on to hire the best influencing SEO services for their business. But do you think just outsourcing your SEO task will be enough to escalate the business growth?

First, you need to understand the types of SEO and then opt for the services. Take a look at the different categories of SEO that a digital marketer can have.

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5 Types of SEO You Must Learn In Digital Marketing

1. White Hat SEO

While looking for an SEO service provider, the very first thing that you must figure out is whether the agency is specialized in offering white hat SEO services or not. White hat SEO is an ethical way to grow organic traffic and enhance online visibility. Even Google prefers those websites that are developed with white hat SEO features.

If you are using this technique, there is no chance of getting your website banned or bumped out from the digital platform. It guarantees high ranks and appears on the first three search engine results.

Some popular strategies for this low-risk SEO technique include;

  • Extensive keyword research
  • High-quality content
  • Good website loading speed
  • Proper internal links
  • Good authority

Applying these strategies, you make your site more competitive in the online marketplace.

2. Black Hat SEO

Unlike white hat SEO techniques, black hat SEO takes the unethical way to rank a website higher on SERPs. It takes advantage of the loopholes in Google’s search engine algorithm and makes the website appear on the first few results.

Some of its SEO strategies include paid link building methods, keyword stuffing, spammy links, showing different contents to bots, etc.  However, Google when finds these happenings penalize the website in no second. Although such techniques lead to better ranks and a high reputation, they are associated with high risks. Your site can be blacklisted or your rankings can get affected. Hence, avoiding these techniques is far better than allowing risks to enter.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with the technical section of the website. This may surprise you, but even the technical part of a website also has a great impact on your search engine rankings.

Technical SEO allows the bots on search engines to crawl the website, understand, and index all the pages, securing a position on search engines. The strategies it uses include a thorough XML sitemap, mobile-friendly features, structured data, engaging web content, etc.

Technical SEO steers the wheel of the business to its growth by fixing the technical faults. You must leverage it.

4. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is another important SEO technique that takes care of the on-page elements of a site. To attain the best on-page service, the site should be properly designed with high-quality content, effective metadata, proper HTML tags, no broken links, and many more.

The on-page optimization ensures that the data you hold on your site are not duplicate. And all the pages are properly designed with images and descriptions. Talk about your concern with the SEO specialists and see the result.

5. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO deals with the elements inside the site. While off-page SEO is more concerned about the elements outside your site. It takes care of the external factors like building links from trusted sites, building authority from a trusted domain, social media marketing, online reviews published on different forums, etc.

All the above-mentioned factors have a great impact on search engine rankings of a site. With this optimization process, you can enjoy high rankings and find your site appear on the top of every relevant search.


Not every SEO campaign turns out to be successful. To get optimum results, you must use the advanced tools and techniques and simultaneously, implement the rank-driven strategies. Look for a reputed SEO service provider or any other nearby area and outsource your job to make your appearance better on the digital landscape.

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