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Top 5 best alternatives to Netflix for watching your favorite shows and series

Best Netflix Alternatives

It’s no secret that Netflix is the most famous and popular streaming service in the world. But popular doesn’t always mean good, and also, it’s not just Netflix that offers exclusive programs or original content. There are also other better online streaming platforms that you would certainly like to know if you turn your back on Netflix or if the content or subscription offered suits you. Enjoy our selection of 5 best alternatives to Netflix among many others.

Best alternatives to Netflix for watching your favorite shows

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Founded in 2016 by the e-commerce giant, Amazon Prime Video, already available in more than 100 countries around the world, is undoubtedly the undisputed competitor and one of the best Netflix alternatives. It offers a very large selection of films and series as well as television programs from networks such as Showtime, HBO, Fandor. Which makes it not only an alternative to Netflix but also a rotating platform for your streaming services in one place.

Amazon Prime Video promises to invest massively to extend its service up to the famous Netflix and for a few years already, just like Netflix, the service has already offered many internal productions including films and original series like The Begining of Everything, American Gods or Man In The High Castle, etc. And like Netflix, you can download content from Amazon Prime Video for later and enjoy it offline.

Price: If you want to subscribe only to watch your favorite movies or series, the platform costs 5.99 euros per month. If not, Amazon Prime Video is integrated with Amazon’s premium delivery option which means that it costs 49 € per year with advantages such as the delivery of your Amazon orders in one working day only and without delivery, discounts on certain video games, access to Amazon Drive, Amazon’s photo storage service, etc. Note that Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial

2. OCS Go


Born in 2008, OCS is a bouquet of television channels (5 channels I think) which is more particularly interested in series and films. This broadcasting company takes full advantage of its partnership relationships with American broadcasting channels, notably HBO, to offer not only to Replay of content from its American partner channels but also live content and also on-demand programs.

This strategy adopted by OCS has made it possible to broadcast a lot of very popular content such as The Walking Dead or the cult series Games Of Thrones project free tv whose next season is scheduled in a few months, April to be exact. The only limit is that the service is not available abroad (at least to my knowledge) regardless of your subscription.

Price: The content of OCS channels is broadcast on your tablet, smartphone, or on your computer via a first paid subscription of 9.99 euros per month. The second subscription of 11.99 euros extends the distribution of content directly from your Box and TV decoder, via Google Cast and Android TV, Airplay, Apple TV, Smart TV Samsung, Xbox One, Playstation 4 or even your Orange TV Key with the possibility of subscribing to the offer through your Internet service provider.

3. MyCanal


MyCanal is the service offered by the CANAL + television channel to allow project free tv streaming to access all the content broadcast by the CANAL network on all your connected screens including PC / Mac, smartphone, tablet, (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox and Chromecast. You must be a subscriber to take advantage of it.

Price: Live, on-demand, or by download, myCANAL allows you to access not only 6 CANAL + channels and more than 150 live channels but also more than 7000 CANAL programs in the replay in VF and VOST for 19.99 euros per month with the first month offered. Count 4.99 euros for the purchase or rental of content.

4. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

Launched in November 2014 under the name of Music Key and renamed YouTube Red in October 2015, the service evolved to become in May 2018 YouTube Premium, a paid streaming subscription platform that offers streaming and ad-free streaming of all videos hosted on YouTube.

Even better, the service currently offers its own exclusive original content produced in collaboration with the main creators of the site.

Like Netflix, OCS, or Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Premium also offers an offline playback mode but also a background playback mode on its iOS and Android applications. In particular, the service allows free and exclusive access to the YouTube Originals series and films from the great YouTube creators. YouTube Premium also provides a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium for YouTube Music users.

Price: YouTube Premium costs 11.99 euros per month. A Family offer is also available for an additional 6 euros per month in addition to the 11.99 from YouTube Premium. Note that the family offer is for the home of 6 people. An offer of 9.99 euros per month is also available for those who are only interested in YouTube Music. For those who wish to try the service, YouTube Premium is available for free for one month.

5. Hulu


Based in the United States, this broadcasting site offers access to thousands of films and television programs from major networks such as Starz, 21st Century Fox, AMC, PBS, etc. The platform is distinguished from other known broadcasting sites. such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in that it allows users to watch popular series released earlier from multiple traditional networks. The platform promises to offer episodes of popular TV series just days after their broadcast.

Hulu focuses primarily on broadcasting more recent TV shows and offers its growing range of exclusive original content on documentaries, films, and series like Marvel’s Runaways, award-winning drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, The Wrong Mans, Castle Rock, Difficult People or Runaways.

Price: To subscribe to Hulu’s content, it takes $ 11.99 a month to take full advantage of the greatest number of content options to watch with an experience devoid of all advertisements. An offer of $ 5.99 is also available, of course for a limited time and including the dissemination of more or less annoying ads.


With these best alternatives to Netflix, you will be able to easily choose your distributor of series and television programs. Once again thank you for preferring us and if you like what we offer here, do not hesitate to contribute by sharing our articles.

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