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The 3 Best Growth Marketing Strategies for 2021

Growth Marketing Strategies
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Growth marketing can attract more customers and clients to a business. Driving up the volume of sales calls for appealing to existing customers and new leads while preparing to meet the increased demand for products and services. Relying on a mix of online and offline marketing methods, such as sending business greeting cards, is often the best approach. Here are three of the most effective growth marketing strategies for growth.

1. Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing tends to take place online. From search engines to social media, a business can roll out campaigns to target ideal customers or prospective growth demographics. The cost of running a paid campaign is within reach for more businesses than advertising in printed publications, television or radio. At the same time, digital marketing allows for more customization than broadcast media. Business owners may achieve the best results by consulting with experienced digital marketing professionals about campaigns.

For the best results, a business should also regularly optimize its web presence. A combination of organic search engine optimization and paid advertising can raise the ranking of a website in search results. Most online channels and networks make it possible to serve ads to specific groups of users, whether based on demographic, geographical, or other identifying factors.

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2. Market Development

Growing the customer or client base of a business requires cultivating a broader share of the general market. Determining new audiences to appeal to is the best way to go beyond original notions of the ideal customer. Market research is often necessary to identify the demographics that are most likely to become reliable customers through the right marketing strategy. As the contact list of a business grows, word-of-mouth recommendations, positive reviews, and testimonials become even more important.

As a growth strategy enters the phase that can make or break the reputation of an operation, it can be helpful to add a personal touch. Customized marketing is crucial for locking in customers and making it more likely that they will recommend a particular business over competing concerns. Sending business greeting cards in the mail is one of the best ways to generate and sustain a customer base. These physical acknowledgments of the business relationship between the sender and recipient can make a strong, lasting, and positive impression that leads to more repeat business and recommendations.

3. Alternative Channels

Businesses that have physical locations and online operations can both benefit from branching out to alternate channels when pursuing growth. This is the best way to ensure that a promotional message or branding materials are seen by potential customers that might otherwise miss promotions on the primary channels in use by an operation.


These are three of the best growth marketing strategies for small-to-medium businesses. Small businesses can benefit from sending business greeting cards in the mail and running digital promotional campaigns. More established enterprises with access to more capital may be able to pursue organizational measures, such as acquisition, horizontal, backward, or forward growth strategies. The standing of a business will determine whether strategic promotional or organizational measures are the most effective for growth.

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