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Standing Desk or Office Chair: Which One is Better for Office Work?

Standing Desk or Office Chair

There’s a new trend happening, changing the way people are working. Since the inception of office work, the typical sit-at-your-desk method has always been the way of doing things. However, in today’s society, some people are bending the line of the standard we’ve known for a long time and have decided to take a standing approach to desk life. As a result, the standing desk seems to be picking up steam in the workplace, especially in recent years. But, although this might be a newer way of working, how does it compare to the regular sitting method?

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We’ve seen changes already in a typical workstation. While we sit and type and click away while staring at a digital screen for 40 hours a week, we have made alterations so that we don’t feel irritated in our chairs for an extended period of time. The ergonomic wave made things more efficient for us and gave us a more comfortable work environment for maximum productivity. However, this new work method is another game-changer and could make us rethink how we’ve been doing things for so long.

When in a seated position, our muscles relax and can rest. If we are in this position long enough, our subconscious also gets tired. If our chairs and desks are not correctly elevated, our muscles also get sore from sitting too long. It all depends on the level of comfortability our workplaces need to be. This is why so many people complain of back pain. Because they don’t have the most ergonomic work environment. Most individuals admittedly slouch at the end of a workday because they’ve been sitting for an extended time, which contributes to back pain. But, even with the most ergonomic chair, sitting can still be tiring to anyone. Enter the standing desk!

Unlike the traditional desks we use to work when sitting down, standing desks are versatile and can adjust to the specific height you need. Use the crank or button panel on the standing desk and adjust. Some standing desks come with a converter option, which allows only the top of the desk to extend further so that the monitor and keyboard are adjacent to each other. If your standing desk doesn’t come with a converter, you can inexpensively purchase one online or at any tech store around you.

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But, you still might be asking yourself, why work while standing up? Well, you don’t necessarily need to remain standing when working at a standing desk. Yes, this may sound odd and might defeat the purpose, but standing desk chairs are used for those who work specifically at a standing desk. Standing desk chairs are easily comparable to tall stools, which allow you to lean rather than sit. This makes it so that the benefits are not counteracted.

When standing up, we can stay awake longer. However, sometimes the switch from sit to stand can be strenuous to our legs and knees, causing them to feel sore. The standing desk chair does not have that same problem. Instead of having your legs and knees at a 90 degree level at all times, this chair keeps your hips open and at a more relaxed level. There are also anti-fatigue mats that you can use to help keep your feet less tired.

With everyone trying to find the most ergonomic way of working from a desk, it seems the typical workspace is an environment that is constantly changing. Although there are pros and cons to any work environment, the main priority is a personal choice. Now that you know more about the standing desk, it’s up to you if you want to try working this way.

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