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How to Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam on PC

Smartphone as a webcam

Laptops usually come with a webcam. This is not necessarily the case with stationary computers. Many PCists must therefore invest a few extra dollars to acquire them. However, be aware that it is quite possible to go through a roundabout route using your smartphone as a webcam. This can be very handy if you need it urgently. Or that you don’t want to spend money on it.

In this guide, we will detail how to turn your Android smartphone or iPhone into a webcam. You will quickly see that this is not very rocket science. The most complex task will above all be to make sure that your smartphone stands upright while framing you properly. A phone holder (typically used in the car) should do the job a lot.

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Turning your Android smartphone into a webcam: tutorial

  • Start by downloading and installing the DroidCam application that you will find on the PlayStore. This will work on Windows and Linux PCs.
  • During this time, install the client software accessible from this address.
  • Allow the software to deploy its drivers.
  • Once done, make sure that your smartphone and your PC are using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then open the app on your phone and give it permission to access the camera and microphone.
  • In the interface, you will see different IP addresses appear (Wi-Fi IP and DroidCam Port).
  • After launching the client software on your PC, write the Wi-Fi IP line in the Device IP box.
  • Then make sure that the DroidCam Port numbers are the same on the app and on your PC.
  • Finally click on Start and your smartphone will now turn into a webcam!

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Turning your iPhone into a webcam

  • Go to the App Store to get the EpocCam app which will work on macOS and PC.
  • On your computer, download the app client software available here.
  • Your iPhone and your computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the two installations have been completed, open the application and then authorize access to your camera and your microphone.
  • Open the program on your computer. The latter will normally automatically identify your phone which can therefore act as a webcam on videoconferencing services such as Zoom.
  • To do this, simply select EpocCam from the choices offered.
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