Using Discord’s IP pull feature/ How to pull IP

Using Discord’s IP pull, An IP address, which is a string of integers, serves as your device’s unique identifier on any network to which you are connected. Discord will be aware of your specific device’s IP address while you use the app online, and vice versa.

Only two devices networked together will swap two devices’ IP addresses. Therefore, in order to merely retrieve someone’s IP address, you must be connected to them via a network connection.

You are not strictly connected to other users on Discord over the same network, though. So, if you’re wondering if it’s possible to get someone’s IP address through Discord, we’ll explain whether it is possible and whether there are any drawbacks.

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Using Discord’s IP pull, On Discord, is I able to pull IPs?

Technically speaking, you cannot obtain IPs straight from Discord because it does not divulge individual IP addresses. Despite the fact that there are numerous web articles indicating otherwise, the most of them are untrue.

In actuality, no program or website would have a feature that allowed users to view the IP addresses of other users. However, discord can be used as an online platform for phishing attempts and malicious links to gather other users’ IP addresses.

Using Discord’s IP pull, These methods, though, are unethical for obtaining other people’s IP addresses. The majority of techniques to obtain other users’ IPs using Discord are fraught with moral and legal dilemmas. For instance:

  • using phishing assaults to drive people to phishing sites that can access the device’s IP address or to download tracking software.
  • gaining user IP addresses by breaking into the Discord server.
  • There are other, more egregiously unlawful methods of obtaining someone’s IP address that do not particularly involve causing a rift.

The simplest technique to obtain their IPs is to use the same network connection as the other device. You can see the IP addresses of the two devices because they will communicate with one another through their IP addresses.

Using Discord’s IP pull, The alternative would be to merely request the user’s IP address. You can invite your friend to visit a website like whatismyipaddress and give their public IP address if you require their IP address for any purpose.

Using Discord's IP pull
Using Discord’s IP pull

Is Getting Someone’s IP Address Legal?

You freely provide the website server with your IP address each time you access online content or visit a website. You won’t be able to communicate with them without it, and you won’t be able to browse the internet either.

Using Discord’s IP pull, An IP address also doesn’t contain a lot of information. Only if they have access to your IP address can the normal person check up your nation and the city you reside in. They might be able to look up your ISP if they are really proficient at it.

However, when someone with the necessary expertise and malicious purpose obtains your IP address, things might become dangerous. In order to further infiltrate your system, hackers could be able to use phishing attacks and exploit security weaknesses in your ISP.

Using Discord’s IP pull, Additionally, hackers can use IP addresses to launch DDOS assaults. DDOS attacks bombard your system with unnecessary traffic from the attacker in an effort to break up your connection. It is obvious that all of these malicious attempts using someone’s IP address are forbidden.

These attacks are, however, extremely uncommon, and if you practice normal network safety, you won’t actually experience them. If you avoid shady websites, haphazard file downloads, and dodgy links, your risks will be much reduced.  The legality of using tracker malware, phishing websites, and links is ambiguous. Even while some are perfectly legal, they can nonetheless get you into trouble.

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