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How to block a number on Android?

block a number on Android

Unwanted calls are one of the everyday nuisances of modern times. Fortunately, wherever they come from (call centers, pollsters, etc.), it is possible to block them.

To reject calls from individuals, you have three options. You can contact your telephone operator, block numbers using your smartphone settings or use an application.

All Android are similar in substance, but not necessarily in form. Here, we will therefore show you how to block calls on a OnePlus.

If you have a cell phone from another brand, don’t worry, the principle remains the same.

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Block a number that has just called you

Whether you answered the call or ignored it, all calls are recorded in the call history of the native Android Phone app.

Launch the app and find the unwanted number, then tap the three dots to the right of the number. Tap the Block number option and confirm with Block in the small window that opens.

Once done, it will appear in your blocked numbers list, accessed by tapping the three dots at the top right, choosing Settings → Blocking Settings → Blocked Numbers.

Block a number that has not called you recently

It is very easy to block a phone number on Android, no need to wait for this correspondent to call you.

Open the Phone app , tap the three dots at the top right of your screen, on Settings → Blocking settings → Blocked numbers.

The + sign at the top right allows you to add an unwanted number or contact.

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Applications to manage unwanted calls

You can also use a free application such as TrueCaller to block unwanted calls.

Not only does it filter unwanted calls and texts, but it allows you to block a number by name and serial, identify the person calling you (even unknown numbers) and record the call. Be aware that the free version of the application contains advertisements.

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