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3 Areas in which You can Undertake with Technology


The word undertake always implies a bit of adventure and a lot of risk. Sometimes both things in equal parts, but it is a fact that with the access that exists today to technology, undertaking a new project has never been so exciting or so simple.

Let’s think that you already have the idea – which according to the experts is the most difficult to achieve. The innovative idea of ​​a project that we are sure could revolutionize the market, or have an impact on people’s lives, generating job and business opportunities.

Later it will be necessary to develop it and I am not only talking about building a business plan and projections to know if there will be a return on investment in a reasonable period of time. I’m talking about using new ways of working such as Agile and Design Thinking -to name a few-, to find spaces for improvement during iterations and of course take advantage of technology to scale the project.

Now, with a clearer idea and a grounded growth plan, it is essential to start with technological development, since there is no doubt that we are in a digital world and I am convinced that technology is what will allow projects to be transformed in such a way May you be ready to excel in an extremely connected and competitive world in this cognitive age.

We have constantly heard that today, a small startup made up of two entrepreneurs has the same technological power as a large company and this is completely true thanks to the cloud, that is why I always say that the cloud democratizes access to technology. It is in the cloud platform -such as IBM Cloud- where innovation arises thanks to the APIs of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things , among many more.

Because yes, these three technologies are the new trends that we will see reign in the field of entrepreneurship.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence opens the doors to a new era of business that is transforming the fields of healthcare, retail, financial services, and many others. The impact of this technology will be such that its adoption is expected to skyrocket in the next 10 years.

Using artificial intelligence, a growing number of products interact with people to advise them on making more informed decisions, so we can view technology as an advisor to our business

Today companies have access to great data and analytics tools that help them understand customers much better. Companies that want to grow – and survive – will use cognitive APIs that will reveal much more about themselves.

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You have probably heard of blockchain. This technology is gaining in popularity every day, largely due to the need for transparent, reliable and secure value chains.

What exactly is blockchain? It is a shared database that works as a book for the record of purchase and sale operations or any other transaction. By using cryptographic keys and being distributed by many people, blockchain has security advantages against manipulation and fraud. A modification in one of the copies would be useless because the change has to be made in all the copies, since the database is open and public.

Blockchain in this way incorporates trust in technology and this can make a large part of the world population that does not have access to banks and transaction systems able to exchange values ​​and assets without depending on an intermediary, for example.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With an estimated 6.4 billion devices in circulation, we are almost at the point where there is one device connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) for every person on the planet. By 2021, the devices will outnumber us three to one.

Imagine then developing a project that has this scope, that is hosted by at least half of this flood of connected devices. Powerful, right?

IoT has the potential to transform a wide range of industries and applications, from home automation and healthcare to the manufacturing industry, smart cars and connected cities. Data provides the greatest value of the IoT, however, to obtain this knowledge the data must be analyzed in a timely manner and it is here that the IoT sees a great ally in the cloud and in artificial intelligence.

The possibilities to take advantage of the best of each technology are endless and it is up to entrepreneurs to venture to experiment to win.

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