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A big change in WhatsApp privacy policy, with whom user data will be shared? New problem

WhatsApp new privacy policy

WhatsApp has made new changes to the privacy policy for the use of its application that users must accept or their account will be deleted.

WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook, has also sent notifications to users and given them until February 8 to accept the policy, otherwise, the user will lose access to the WhatsApp account.

Under the new policy, WhatsApp will not only use user data but also share it with third parties, especially Facebook.

According to WhatsApp’s new policy, users can add their name, mobile number, photo, status, phone model, operating system as well as device information, IP address, mobile network, and location to WhatsApp and other social media platforms connected to it. Will provide the form.

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WhatsApp will also keep track of the new transaction and payment features.

WhatsApp says that when users rely on third-party services or other Facebook company products associated with them, the third party may receive information that you or others share with them.

WhatsApp’s new policy sets out how businesses can store and manage WhatsApp chats using Facebook’s services.

According to WhatsApp, Facebook’s global infrastructure is being used to store user data.

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Consumers are expressing concern over the change in WhatsApp privacy policy and the increase in downloading of calling and messaging services other than WhatsApp.

The fact is that WhatsApp and Facebook already have user data, but now they are asking the user for permission to use it so that they do not face any legal problems.

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