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Digital Marketing: 10 Things You Must Know to Communicate Effectively

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing is a series of strategies whose function is to keep connected to the company or organization with its market segments and customers through digital media that are available, this in order to communicate fluidly with them, provide services and do sales activities.

It is worth mentioning that digital marketing is within the reach of all companies, regardless of size. However, in order to carry out a successful strategy, it is important to know certain basic concepts that solve your doubts. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional ‘marketer’ or just starting out, these are the ten concepts you must know to easily communicate in this field.

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1. Call To Action (CTA)

Encourage your audience to take specific actions. It is a call to action, it seeks to attract potential customers, it is usually given through a form on a landing page. It is a link between the regular content that the user consumes and another page with an offer that could be more interesting for the user. It is useful for the company when it wants to connect with it. However, you must focus well on who you are addressing, have a good copy, a good location, use numbers that you read that show what you will achieve and an excellent design.

2. Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

A Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is software for organizing the content marketing process. It is similar to a CMS (Content Management System), but in this case it is developed to help marketers do their job. A CMS can work for many professionals at the same time.

3. Content Campaign

When we talk about a Content Campaign we mean a plan for the strategic use of content marketing around a specific purpose. It can be a multi-format publication that can be included in social networks, videos, animated giffs, newsletters, emails, press releases, print media, blogs, publications, marketing, etc. to get people’s attention.

4. Data Driven

Data Driven means that strategic decisions are made based on data analysis and interpretation. This allows organizations to examine and order information to better serve their customers and consumers.

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5. Gamification

It is about using strategies, models, dynamics, mechanics and elements typical of games in other people’s contexts, to transmit a message or content that seeks to modify a behavior through a playful experience that motivates or reinforces the behavior to solve a problem.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is the web positioning in an organic way, where they find you within the Internet if a user searches for your brand, company or services. Therefore, you should use keywords so that they can identify you better. A good job in SEO can be cheaper in the medium and long term than advertising , so it is good to take care of this type of work.

7. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

An instrument based on Google Adwords, an idea similar to SEO, only that you pay for the ads on the platform so that you appear in Google searches. It usually appears at the beginning of the page with a small sign that indicates that it is advertising, but it is a fast and effective way in which you could get traffic to your website.

8. Hub and Spoke

It consists of focusing all the pieces of content in a single business project. It is a communication model within marketing that tries to centralize all the content made on its own platform to be distributed in those that are external.

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9. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions is a common section on websites where you find out those common questions from users, it can be used as support when browsing or buying for other consumers.

10. KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

They are key performance indicators, so they work to know if your campaign is succeeding or, conversely, to know if changes would be needed. This is how the impact of your digital marketing actions is valued positively or negatively.

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