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combat scam inDrive Mates In Risk Intelligence Agency SHIELD


Do you know combat scam inDrive Mates In Risk Intelligence Agency SHIELD? The fastest-growing online ride-hailing service in the world, inDrive, revealed today that it is leveraging Device Intelligence from global risk intelligence firm SHIELD.

SHIELD’s technology is enhancing inDrive’s anti-fraud measures and assisting it in achieving the greatest standards of fairness, transparency, and confidence for drivers and passengers around the world.

InDrive meets consumers’ mobility demands in more than 700 cities and 47 countries with the second-most downloaded mobility app worldwide. More than 150 million people have downloaded the inDrive app as of right now. The platform uniquely empowers drivers and customers to negotiate fair price offers depending on route or other considerations. The people-driven company is on a mission to tackle injustice.

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SHIELD offers the best risk intelligence in the market, eradicating injustice and unfairness by guaranteeing that discussions and costs are kept open. By prohibiting dishonest and fraudulent customers from using the inDrive platform, problems like unjustified price increases are avoided.

The engine that will keep inDrive ahead of ride-hailing fraud syndicates worldwide will be SHIELD’s Device Intelligence. These fraud organisations frequently use false accounts, which can be made via tools like app cloners, with identities that have been stolen, or even by hijacking real accounts. Fraudsters can make and use several copies of the same software from a single device by using app cloners.

combat scam inDrive Mates In Risk Intelligence Agency SHIELD
combat scam inDrive Mates In Risk Intelligence Agency SHIELD

By duplicating this over a large number of devices, fraud syndicates expand the scope of their fraud technique. Ghost rides, or rides that never actually happen, can be completed using a fake account to quickly accumulate ride completion rewards. GPS spoofers can be used in conjunction with fake accounts to simulate heavy demand in one area, causing fare surges from where fraud syndicates profit.

In an effort to prevent fraud, inDrive will make use of the SHIELD ID, a global standard for device identification that can be used to connect counterfeit devices made from the same physical device, which may number in the millions. InDrive will be able to recognise instances of numerous driver or passenger accounts being used from the same device thanks to the SHIELD ID.

SHIELD’s AI engine can simultaneously identify several accounts tapping into the same IP address or subnet. All malicious tools and tactics on the platform, including GPS spoofers, modified apps, and app cloners, will be found using SHIELD’s Risk Indicators.

All of this is accomplished by SHIELD’s Risk Intelligence without the requirement for Personal Identifiable Information (PII), guaranteeing that in drive complies with privacy and data protection laws all around the world without sacrificing security. InDrive needed to take into account the various and unique fraud threats as it quickly entered new markets. With the help of SHIELD’s Global Intelligence Network, it was possible to keep ahead of new threats while also taking into account the distinct risk profiles of each region.

“inDrive is committed to confronting injustice and promoting transparency and fairness in the mobility and transportation arena,” stated Arsen Tomsky, CEO and Founder of the company. Our relationship with SHIELD gives us the ability to uphold our commitment to helping others while ensuring that everyone is treated with the utmost fairness and trust.

“inDrive’s novel price negotiating concept is a breath of fresh air in the ride-hailing market,” continued Justin Lie, founder and CEO of SHIELD. Since trust is a two-way street, SHIELD is pleased to support inDrive in its efforts to guarantee reasonable costs and an even playing field for honest drivers and passengers.

One of the online ride-hailing firms with the quickest growth rates in the world is inDrive, a global IT and transportation platform. Its services are offered in more than 700 cities throughout 47 nations. More than 150 million people have downloaded the company’s app.

Previously known as inDriver, inDrive has expanded far beyond ride-sharing to become a marketplace for a variety of services such as interstate travel, freight and cargo services, domestic services, job searches, and deliveries. The business will keep growing and varying the services it provides.

InDrive, which has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, employs over 2,400 people and runs regional centres in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the republics of the CIS. After completing a $140 million financing round with Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Bond Capital, which valued the company at $1.23 billion, inDrive attained unicorn status in early 2021.

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