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Launched by Bank Alfalah, Tap on Phone Simplifies Commerce

Launched by Bank Alfalah, Tap on Phone Simplifies Commerce

Launched by Bank Alfalah, Tap on Phone Simplifies Commerce? Tap on Phone and Simplify Commerce are two crucial market-leading products that Bank Alfalah has introduced in partnership with MasterCard.

The strategic alliance between two market juggernauts will produce technologically based solutions. In essence, this will help a variety of companies on the market, especially small and medium-sized ones.

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Phone Simplifies Commerce
Launched by Bank Alfalah, Tap on Phone Simplifies Commerce

Generally speaking, Tap on Phone is best for small and medium-sized businesses because it offers them numerous advantages. It makes use of technology’s capacity to increase financial inclusion within the company. With the help of their smart smartphones, businesses can take electronic payments thanks to MasterCard’s Tap on Phone, an innovative and affordable application.

This application’s seamless, uninterrupted checkout experience for customers is one of its primary characteristics. Businesses may use Tap on Phone to turn smart gadgets into safe payment acceptance devices for contactless cards, smartwatches, and mobile wallets. There are no setup fees and no additional equipment requirements for any of these functions. In the end, it tremendously benefits small and medium-sized businesses.

On the other hand, Simplify Commerce’s debut launch will provide businesses a variety of potent payment and business management capabilities. Simplify Commerce, a new product from MasterCard, will help to streamline backend operations with its debut. Additionally, it will enable merchants to concentrate primarily on essential business operations. The action helps firms expand internationally in the field of the digital market.

It is crucial to note how user-friendly Simplify Commerce is. Retailers with minimal experience in digital marketing can benefit the most from the programme. This application offers quick and secure transactions.


Atyab Tahir, Country Manager of MasterCard in Pakistan, said the following regarding the alliance:

Mastercard is collaborating with Bank Alfalah to offer two of its most cutting-edge digital payment solutions in Pakistan for the first time: Mastercard Tap on Phone and Simplify Commerce. This allows companies to reach their full potential. In order to achieve financial inclusion, the development of smartphone-based acceptance solutions is crucial, especially in Pakistan, where the 220 million-person population is gravely underserved by digital point-of-sale platforms and solutions.

On the other hand, Mehreen Ahmed, Group Head of Retail Banking at Bank Alfalah, described the significance of the deal as follows:

“The combination of the Simplify Commerce platform and Mastercard Tap on Phone is a game-changer for Bank Alfalah. Through their contactless cards and smartphones, SME clients and millions of consumers will now have access to a smooth, secure, and simple checkout experience. Bank Alfalah significantly contributes to SME growth and inclusion within Pakistan’s thriving digital economy by enabling retailers in that country to affordably transform their Android phones into secure payment acceptance devices.

SMEs in Pakistan have received backing from MasterCard and Bank Alfalah. Therefore, this advancement is only another achievement for them.

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