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Best Zoom Alternatives for Remote Work

Best Zoom Alternatives for Remote Work

Do you know Best Zoom Alternatives for Remote Work? Zoom has grown in popularity as a tool for home-based employment, including face-to-face or remote contact for various jobs.

It isn’t the only online video-conferencing option, either. Users are looking for other alternatives as a result of complaints about poor connections and dropped calls. To access each option’s webpage, simply click on its name below.

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Zoom Alternatives for Remote

Many different types of hardware and web browsers support Hangouts. A version of Hangouts that is perfect for text, phone, and video chats with seamless connections of up to 250 other users each call is part of Google’s enterprise-level G-Suite service. It offers a powerful presentation and moderation package. Meetings can also be recorded, in addition.

Although Hangouts’ free version may accommodate up to 150 individuals, it requires the connection of individual Google accounts, which obviously presents some challenges.



Open-source replacement For those who have already used Zoom or Hangouts, Zoho One features an online video-conferencing function.

Through dial-ins and email links, Zoho Meetings enables you to host end-to-end encrypted video meetings, conference calls, etc (no registration required). The app is available in versions for cellphones, desktops, and the web.

Users have the option to record meetings and host them with moderation and organisation. Additionally, it incorporates the Zoho Office programme suite, which offers text, spreadsheet, and other file types.


It is a web-based podcasting service that works well for conference calls but lacks video calls. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is removing limitations on recording time and group size. Free users may now host calls with an unlimited number of participants and recording duration.

Only the host needs a Zencastr account; users who pay $20 a month get access to a unique live editing dashboard and post-production tools.



It’s a gaming-focused software with a wider user base due to its customizable administration options and encrypted discussions. These conversations take place on specialised servers that users may set up to organise themselves into “chat rooms,” which are similar to Slack but also allow for video and phone calls in addition to text.

There are currently nine people who can participate in video calls, including basic screen-sharing facilities.


Despite the fact that they are two distinct apps, Facebook owns both of them and uses the same back-end technology. In the end, Instagram DMs and cross-platform services are anticipated to be combined.

Group audio and video calls are supported by WhatsApp and Messenger, although neither service has enterprise-level conferencing capabilities.


Unfortunately, the only platform that restricts universal use is iOS. As long as they have an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac, it accommodates 32 individuals per call.


It can accommodate up to 50 individuals in a single video conference and is accessible across a variety of platforms. To use its features, each participant needs to have a user account.

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It’s now possible to switch to an Android app on iOS.

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