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Alibaba will Soon Release an AI Tool Similar to ChatGPT


Do you know Alibaba will Soon Release an AI Tool Similar to ChatGPT? The largest e-commerce site in China, Alibaba Group, revealed that it is creating an artificial intelligence tool in the vein of ChatGPT that is presently available for testing by employees. According to Alibaba, the ChatGPT-like technology is presently being tested internally, according to a Reuters story.

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The Chinese e-commerce company said in a statement that the discussion robot is currently available for testing by staff. A representative for Alibaba said:

Since the establishment of DAMO in 2017, we have concentrated on cutting-edge developments including big language models and generative AI. As a pioneer in technology, we will keep investing in developing cutting-edge innovations into applications with value added for both our clients and their end users via cloud services.

The company stated it had been attempting to work on generative AI for a number of years, but its main focus has been on large language models. Large language models are natural language processing systems that can generate new material as well as understand and respond to questions after being trained on enormous amounts of text.

Alibaba AI Tool Similar to ChatGPT

Alibaba AI Tool Similar to ChatGPT
Alibaba AI Tool Similar to ChatGPT

The announcement caused Alibaba’s U.S.-listed shares to increase 3.2% in premarket trading. Due to investor excitement over Open.ChatGPT, Ai’s which can generate articles, essays, and jokes in response to prompts and has been dubbed the fastest-growing consumer app in history, shares in a number of other Chinese AI technology businesses have surged in recent days.

Following the announcement that testing of its “Ernie bot” would be completed in March, shares of the dominant Chinese search engine Baidu surged by 15% on Tuesday. Alphabet Inc., the company that owns Google, is also developing a chatbot service and has stated that it will increase the use of AI in its search engine.

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Another Chinese internet company, (9618. HK), stated that it was aiming to incorporate ChatGPT-like processes and technology into some of its offerings, including the customer support offered through its e-commerce platform.

While other businesses entered the AI race with Google allowing its Bard chatbot to test customers, Microsoft launched a new AI-powered Bing on a restricted basis for consumers over the course of the week.

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