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Use of ChatGPT is banned by the University of Hong Kong

Use of ChatGPT is banned by the University of Hong Kong

Do you know Use of ChatGPT is banned by the University of Hong Kong? Since it was introduced to the internet last year, ChatGPT has been a useful AI resource for students. Yet it’s becoming more and more obvious that institutions are no longer allowing its use. One of the most recent institutions to specifically forbid ChatGPT and other AI tools is the University of Hong Kong

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The Consequences of Violating ChatGPT Ban in Universities

The penalty for violating the ban will be the same as those for plagiarism, according to the Giz China report. Many who used ChatGPT to accomplish their math, programming, writing, and thesis projects have likely been disappointed by this news.

Students must seek the course instructor’s written consent before utilizing ChatGPT in order to avoid any penalties. However, other universities might soon adopt a tighter regulation prohibiting the usage of the tool.

Risks of Misusing ChatGPT: A Need-to-Know Overview

So, before starting any project that makes use of ChatGPT, students should make sure they are aware of the policies of their institution. While though ChatGPT has been a useful tool for many students, using it improperly could have detrimental effects.

Students must carefully read the policies established by their university and be aware of the dangers involved in accessing this resource. By doing this, they might be able to stay out of difficulty and carry out their duties morally.

The Value in Incorporating AI Tools into Education

Students have started using AI technologies like ChatGPT more and more, with many using it to do their homework. Many universities and educational systems have prohibited students from using ChatGPT as a result of the widespread concern this has generated in the education industry.

According to an article by IT Houses, the University of Hong Kong is no exception, with its president making significant remarks and addressing the potential drawbacks of AI tools. Notwithstanding the reservations, not everyone opposes using AI tools in teaching.

University of Cambridge’s Bhaskar Vira’s Viewpoints on the Use of AI Tools in Education

Use of ChatGPT is banned by the University of Hong Kong
Use of ChatGPT is banned by the University of Hong Kong

According to an SCMP article, the news was released shortly after the University of Hong Kong temporarily forbade students from utilizing AI tools.

The University of Cambridge’s vice president for education, Bhaskar Vera, thinks that AI is a tool that individuals can use. Adjustments should be made in schools rather than the tools being disabled. Superstar philosopher Slavoj Zizek agreed with him that teachers and students could employ different AI technologies to be more effective.

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The Importance of Academic Integrity and Enhancing Human Effort with AI

But, it’s crucial that students learn not only the knowledge but also the abilities that are challenging for AI to take over. Schools can promote awareness of the value of academic integrity and set up tests or oral exams that demand a thorough comprehension of the subject matter being studied.

Instead of replacing human labor, AI tools should strengthen it. Students can widen their perspectives, develop critical thinking abilities, and become more creative by doing this. AI tools should be viewed as a chance to learn and explore more, not as a potential danger to education.

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