China’s Wind and Solar Power is Similar to all its Electricity

China's Wind and Solar Power is Similar to all its Electricity

Do you know China’s Wind and Solar Power is Similar to all its Electricity? In the past few years, China’s wind and solar power production has jumped to almost the same level as the electricity used in homes. The fact that household demand is only a small part of total consumption shows that China still needs a lot of fossil fuel.

The Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA) says that in 2022, China’s wind and solar energy production grew by 21%, to 1,190 terawatt-hours (Twh). Last year, on the other hand, most people stayed home, so the zero-covid policy caused residential electricity use to rise by 14%, to 1,340 Twh.

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But even though China is installing and making more wind and solar power, around 60% of the world’s electricity needs are met by the Chinese industrial sector.

On the other hand, only 17% of the electricity used in 2020 was in homes.

China needs more fossil fuels, just like wind and solar power are becoming more popular. To meet the needs of more and more people. China will need more electricity powered by fossil fuels in the long run if it wants to keep its factories running and its economy growing.

South China Morning Post says that China is putting up more solar and wind energy capacity more quickly.
It is more likely to reach its goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2030 sooner than expected. At least 30 of China’s provinces have come out with more ambitious plans to install renewable energy.

Under the five-year plan, the provinces want to add more than 300 gigawatts (GW) of wind power and 550 gigawatts (GW) of solar power.

Because of this, the province’s total installed capacity would go up to 1,500 GW. Jin Boyang, a senior analyst at Refinitiv, told South China Morning Post that China would reach more than 1,200 GW by 2030.
Jin said that China is a fast country that wants to meet its national goal for installing renewable energy sources by 2030.

China also plans to add 70 Gigawatt of coal-fired power plants by 2023. A report from the power sector’s group says that the number will go up from the 40 GW of coal power that will be installed in 2022.

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