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Six TCF grads received degrees at the GIKI Ceremony in 2023

Six TCF grads received degrees at the GIKI Ceremony in 2023

Do you know Six TCF grads received degrees at the GIKI Ceremony in 2023? The 26th Convocation of The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI), a famous university in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, earlier this month, was a proud time for The Citizens Foundation (TCF) as 6 TCF alumni received degrees.

A non-profit organisation called TCF has been working for the past 27 years to provide less fortunate children in Pakistan with access to education in rural and urban slum regions. The largest network of independently-run schools in the world, according to The Economist, is TCF. 53,000 students have graduated from TCF as of this writing, and many of them have gone on to study at prestigious institutions both inside and outside of Pakistan.

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GIKI Ceremony in 2023

“My father is a fruit-seller,” said Asad Raza, a recent recipient of a BS in Electrical Engineering from GIKI and a graduate of TCF School and College in Surjani Town. Without TCF, it would have been extremely impossible for me to attend a reputable high school and college to study. I am appreciative of TCF’s academic and financial assistance, which helped me along the way and enabled me to achieve this success.

We are overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude on yet another great success by our graduates, the majority of whom are first-generation learners in their families, said TCF CEO Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad in response to this remarkable accomplishment. “Each of these graduates bears a distinct story of struggle, tenacity, and overcoming incredible obstacles to come to this point,” he continued. It serves as a reminder that, given the appropriate circumstances, every youngster is capable of greatness. We wish our kids the best of luck as they move on to this phase of their lives.

About The Citizens Foundation (TCF):

A properly informed and educated society, according to TCF, is the cornerstone of a progressive state and gives its people the skills they need to change with the times. A group of residents founded this nonprofit organisation in 1995 with the goal of promoting social change for the better through education. 27 years later, TCF today educates 280,000 children throughout 1,833 schools in Pakistan, making it one of the country’s top organisations in the field of education for the underprivileged.

The TCF approach focuses on delivering high-quality education through schools that were especially designed for the purpose and placed right in the middle of Pakistan’s rural and urban shantytowns. TCF is now implementing Government initiatives to increase its impact, enrolment, and educational quality.

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