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Wearable to Prevent Vocal Fatigue: First Intelligent

First Intelligent Wearable to Prevent Vocal Fatigue

Do you know First Intelligent Wearable to Prevent Vocal Fatigue? According to Medical Xpress, researchers from Northwestern University have created the first intelligent wearable device to continuously monitor how much people use their voices. This will help people avoid vocal fatigue and potential harm.

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The battery-powered, wireless wearable is the first of its kind and comes with a unique set of algorithms. It is intended for people who rely on their voices to earn a job, including coaches, legislators, professors, contact centre agents, and professional singers.

The tool might also assist medical personnel in remotely and continually monitoring voice dysfunction patients.

A group of material scientists, biomedical engineers, opera singers, and a speech-language pathologist created the wearable gadget.

First Intelligent Wearable to Prevent Vocal Fatigue
First Intelligent Wearable to Prevent Vocal Fatigue

How it Works

The gadget is about the size of a postage stamp and is flexible and squishy. It sticks to the upper chest to pick up on the slight vibrations that singing and speech cause.

The users’ smartphone or tablet will be able to transmit the gathered data through Bluetooth, allowing them to keep an eye on their vocal activity in real time. Additionally, it counts all vocalizations made throughout time.

Singing and speaking may be distinguished by the device’s own machine learning algorithms, allowing singers to keep track of each activity individually.

Users of the app can customize vocal thresholds. Their smartphone or other mobile device will send real-time haptic feedback as a notification when they approach the threshold. From there, people can take a break from speaking before going too far.

Vocal Overuse Today

For many professionals, including singers, actors, and public speakers, vocal overuse is a major problem. Because they rely on their voices to make a living, these people may incur high medical costs as well as lost wages from missing performances or speaking engagements.

It’s no secret that the voice can be a potent tool for expressing passion, emotion, and even command. Yet like with any instrument, misuse can cause serious, even irreversible vocal chord injury.

The greatest treatment for vocal overuse is prevention. Professionals should maintain good vocal hygiene, which includes consuming lots of water, minimizing vocal strain, and taking regular rests from speaking or singing. Vocal warm-ups and stretches can also aid in maintaining healthy vocal chords.

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In the end, voice overuse is a significant problem with potentially serious repercussions. Professionals who rely on their voices can help to guarantee that their voices remain healthy and strong by taking the appropriate precautions to prevent it.

On the other hand, those who rely on their voice for a living might benefit more from the new wearable technology that has been created. The introduction of the device on the market is still unknown, but so far, it is showing a lot of potential.

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