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Why You Need a Reliable Cloud Service for Your Business

Public Cloud

Today clouds are everywhere and according to business experts, it has become the basic need of any online business – and for anyone even slightly familiar with the Internet. From a completely new startup to a seasoned professional, from managing your e-mail or adjusting your mobile phone balance to performing the strategically imperative project or headhunting for particular specialists – your association with cloud technologies. The most familiar saying “one quickly gets used to good things” is already proven to be very true regarding cloud technology; these solutions are good for small and large businesses in saving money.

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In personal use, this “man-made precipitation” is commonly referred to as just “clouds”. Small and large Business looks deeper, being in particular interest, reliability, and demand for cloud services.

Public Cloud Top Features

  • Service exclusively on-demand: This makes public clouds the least expensive option: a customer pays only for the services factually consumed.
  • Flexibility: The functions of the allocated public cloud together with the monitoring and control of a client must be highly adjustable, as the client tasks normally vary greatly.
  • Multifaceted safety for cross-platform applications in particular.

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Public Cloud Benefits

Rapid scalability

The basic and fundamental requirement is to increase or reduce the number of allocated resources based on your business or project needs. It’s a thing of a few mouse clicks.


The best Public cloud service provider monitors service availability 24×7. If a problem occurs, the monitoring system automatically lets its engineers know. Issues are resolved within minutes.

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You must purchase the cloud services from those companies that have been working with information security, including cloud service auditing. They must know how to properly organize IaaS security to protect your services.

High availability

The cloud service infrastructure must be based on the best-in-class hardware and software models: Cisco servers and switches, VMware virtualization solutions, and NetApp storage systems. The infrastructure should be located in secure data centers in the Russia or US. All of this ensures the high availability of cloud services.

Affordable pricing

Only pay the necessary amount of RAM, vCPU, disk space, and only pay for the resources actually used monthly. You can also pay for the amount of actually used resources billed at half-hour intervals (Pay-As-You-Go).


So, on the basis of all the above-mentioned benefits, the Public cloud enjoys multiple customers, even if their tasks – and thus services – may differ greatly, since everything cloud-related is customizable and scalable.

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