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Top Local IT Companies: Top 20 IT Companies in Pakistan

Top IT Companies in Pakistan

As everyone knows, technology is growing quickly and getting better every day. Trends are also changing. In the past, work was done by hand. Now, the software is used instead to make work more efficient and reliable. Every day’s problems make it more important for software companies to make good software products that meet the needs and wants of their customers. IT companies offer solutions that make it easier for you to run your business and organization faster, better, and more smoothly. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, the best thing you can do is choose the best software development company that meets your needs and demands and gives you the business solutions you want. With IT getting better and more companies making software, it’s harder to find and choose the right software development company that can help you solve your problem in the best way.

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In the last ten years, the IT industry has grown by leaps and bounds. It has given jobs to millions of people around the world and is now a big part of the economy of many countries. Almost everything, from businesses to entertainment to education, has gone digital. The way people live and do business has changed because of IT. It’s changed everything about society and the economy.

Pakistan is no different, and it has taken digital transformation very well. Its IT industry is one of the ones that is growing the fastest. It makes up about 1% of the country’s GDP, which is expected to double in the next 3–4 years. In 2021, Pakistan’s IT exports reached $1.70 billion, according to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. The country is ranked fourth when it comes to freelancing, and the number of IT companies has grown to more than 2000.

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To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the top IT companies in Pakistan. If you need more support for your project, here is the list of the best 20 IT companies recommended for you.

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List of Top IT Companies in Pakistan

Systems Limited

NETSOL Technologies

NETSOL Technologies is the leader in the global asset finance and leasing industry when it comes to providing new IT solutions. Their products make it easy for companies that sell and finance cars, equipment, and big-ticket items to do retail and wholesale business. They help big companies improve how they handle finance and leasing.

NETSOL was started by Najeebullah Ghauri in 1997. It now has more than 2,000 employees and offices in California, London, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Lahore. Most of the people who work for the company are from Pakistan.

In 1999, NETSOL was listed on NASDAQ, and it is also on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.
The company has won a lot of awards, such as the excellence award for Pakistan’s highest export in 2004, the Teradata National IT excellence award, and the excellence award for IT pioneer of the year.


Arpatech was founded in 2003 and now has more than 250 employees. The company is ISO-certified. The company has offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, as well as in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Arpatch offers a wide range of IT services, such as building websites, apps, E-Commerce stores, digital marketing, managed cloud hosting, and business intelligence. The company also does a lot to help local businesses get started.

Arpatech is proud of its staff’s high level of skill and experience, as well as the high-quality projects they have completed over the years. Some well-known brands, like J. Junaid Jamshed, UMSHA, Daraz, Forum, etc., are among their customers.

TRG Pakistan

The Resource Group Pakistan, also known as TRG Pakistan, is one of the top providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. The company was started by Zia Chishti in 2002, and its main office is in Karachi, where more than 300 people work. TRG Pakistan is an IT company in Pakistan that is on the stock market.

TRG International, whose main office is in Washington, DC, owns the company. TRG invests in and buys companies in the business process outsourcing industry. It has a strong portfolio, and in the last ten years, it has bought more than 24 companies. Ibex, one of the BPO companies in which TRG International has a 64.2% stake, brings in about 86% of TRG International’s revenue. The company is in seven countries and has more than 22,000 employees all over the world.

United Sol

United Sol is a company that has won awards and is seen as the leader in eCommerce development in Pakistan. The company was started in 2005 with only three employees. Since then, it has shown its worth and started many projects. United Sol has more Magento eCommerce developers than any other company in Pakistan. It also comes in at number 5 for WooCommerce development.

United Sol has built more than 250 powerful extensions for Magento, more than 100 modules for PrestaShop, and more than 70 plugins for WooCommerce. In Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, and OpenCart, they do custom development. Popular brands like Hyundai, PitStopArabia, Wallan, Gulf Central, and many more are among its clients.

The company offers other services besides eCommerce development, such as website design and development, digital marketing, and SEO training. United Sol’s office is in Islamabad, where more than 100 people work.


Another top IT company in Pakistan is 10Pearls. It works with businesses to design and build digital products that help them grow. The company works in many fields, such as healthcare, education, real estate, technology, finance, and transportation. Their main skills are data analysis, product development, UX/UI design, and cybersecurity.

10Pearls is different from other IT companies because they have labs for research and development. They also hold workshops, training sessions, and webinars regularly to help their employees improve their skills.

Imran and Zeeshan Aftab, who are brothers, began 10Pearls in 2004. It has grown a lot in less than 20 years. Now, it has offices in Washington, DC, London, Toronto, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. People like PayPal, Coca-Cola, the IRS, and AARP are among their clients.

Ovex Technologies

As Pakistan’s largest BPO solutions provider, Ovex Technologies is definitely one of the best IT companies in Pakistan. Ovex Tech began in 2009 as a company that mostly did outsourcing. It now also offers software solutions and data management services. Ovex Technologies can help with HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, and contact center outsourcing.

In 2010, Ovex Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. won the PSEB IT award and was named “Best BPO in Pakistan” by the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA). The company has offices in both Islamabad and Lahore, and more than 700 of its employees are highly skilled. Their clients are from the United States.


Since its start in 2012, VentureDive has used its 350+ skilled professionals to complete more than 700 projects successfully. The company has become one of the best software firms in Pakistan very quickly. Their services include making custom software, making MVPs, and making websites for both consumers and businesses.

VentureDive has made delivery management software that businesses like pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, and flower shops can use to offer online delivery.

VentureDive has worked in a lot of different fields. VentureDive has been chosen for development and maintenance by brands like Careem and Ronald Berger and digital projects like Digital Pakistan, Vital Pakistan, Droobi, and Tez Financial Services. There are offices for the company in both Lahore and Karachi.


Cubix is one of the best IT companies in Pakistan. It is based in Karachi and offers data services, mobile app development, game development, blockchain development, web development, MVP development, and more.

In 2008, there were only seven people working for the company. Now, there are more than 200 people working there. They work with companies all over the world, like Walmart, Suzuki, Michaels, PayPal, and more.


Folio3 calls itself a software development partner for Fortune 500 companies, large businesses, and new companies. The company has a lot of IT-related services, such as mobile development, eCommerce development, digital marketing, and more. In 15 years, they have grown and now has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They have three offices in Pakistan: two in Karachi and one in Lahore. If you like their clients, they have a lot of them. They have worked with big companies like Oracle, Sisco, Honda, Jaguar, Standard Chartered, and a lot of others.


Macrosoft is in Lahore, which is in Pakistan. Macrosoft is the best software company because it has professional and experienced staff, and it also designs and develops software. Along with technical consulting, the company offers full technical support.

Several IT and software projects were done at the Macrosoft software house. The main goal of Macrosoft Company is to give clients IT and software solutions that work well and are new.

Systems Limited

Systems Limited is a software company in Pakistan that has offices in both Lahore and Karachi. The Software House has a lot of experience with computer solutions and offers new services to government and private organizations in Pakistan as well as in the US, the Middle East, parts of Asia, and Europe.

By offering services in IT consulting, programming development, business process outsourcing (BPO), and different types of redistributing, the company builds a key method for meeting customer needs.


In the IT field, KalSoft is a well-known name that has always been associated with brilliance and experience. It was founded in 1999, but in a short amount of time, it has grown to make a big difference in the market with its own range of products and services.

KalSoft is able to offer the best IT services that help businesses get their work processes computerized and under control by using their different services and products.


Techlogix is an IT company that specializes in consolidation solutions, business finesse, client relationship, venture store game plan, and intranet-based digitization solutions. Techlogix has been around since 1996.

It has more than 250 employees and has offices in the US, China, and Pakistan. Techlogix works with the customer’s incentive complex to change activities that give real incentives in 12 to 16 months with a fixed-cost, fixed-time commitment.

Q-Soft Technologies

Q-Soft Technologies is a great programming consulting company that works all over the country and even the world. It is run by experienced professionals who know a lot about IT consulting and programming development.

Their main goal is to help the people who buy their goods and use their services. They want to help their clients be effective and do well in a business environment that is always changing.


TkXel is a company that makes apps and websites. It was started in 2007. Their main office is in Reston, Virginia, and they also have an office in Lahore, Pakistan. There are 318 people who work for them. Their services include making mobile apps, websites, and software that is made just for you. They mostly work with small and middle-sized businesses.

TKXel is helping a digital food safety company get rid of their backlogs by making web applications for them. Ruby on Rails is the most important thing they use (Rails).


Shopdev is a technology and data science company with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Moscow, Russia, and Lahore, Pakistan. It is based in Mountain View, California. The company was started in 2012, has more than 160 employees, and offers services like custom software development, BI & big data consulting & SI, and e-commerce development to small and midmarket companies in the retail, consumer products & services, e-commerce, and other industries.

A business services database company hired Shopdev to put together a team of professional developers, QA testers, and management experts who would add features and improvements to the database platform that would help with UX, usability, and performance. The end goal is to mix open-source code with proprietary code to make a polished, professional product. Everyone was happy with the event.


Imroz is a company that does cloud consulting and SI. The small team is in Lahore, Pakistan, and London, United Kingdom. Their services include mobile app development, AI, BI, and big data consulting and SI, cloud consulting and SI, and more.

Venturenox is making a whole cloud-based product for a company that does background checks on job applicants. Google Cloud Platform, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, and Angular are some of the technologies that are used.


Techverx is a software development company that has been working with mid-market, small business, and enterprise clients in the hospitality and leisure, gaming, and advertising and marketing industries since 2010. They offer web development, mobile app development, and custom software development. Their Lahore office is where 50 people work for them.


Rolustech is an IT solutions company with offices in Lahore, Pakistan, and its main office is in London. Since 2008, the 192-person team has helped small and mid-sized businesses with CRM consulting, custom software development, and web development.

Digital Dividend

Digital Dividend is a full-service design and development company with offices in both Vasteras, Sweden and Karachi, Pakistan. The company was started in 2007 and has 59 employees who work on mobile app development, web design, web development, IT strategy consulting, and the development of wearable apps.


It is essential to select the best technology for your company’s growth. Hiring an innovative IT services provider is the most straightforward approach to ensure that you are maximizing technology, improving revenue, and staying ahead of the competition.

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