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Top 5 Writing Tools That Every Learner Should Use In 2022

Best Writing Tools

All students need to master strong communication skills. This is because these skills are highly valued across colleges and universities.

Typos, inaccuracies, and grammatical mistakes are unacceptable in academic writing. Therefore, you need to be very careful while working on a college essay or any other assignment.

As a student, you should be an analytical thinker and have strong research skills. That’s why many learners struggle with challenging and time-killing assignments, as they do not have proper writing skills.

If you are one of those learners who get stuck with writing assignments, do not panic. In this developmental era, some valuable tools can fine-tune your writing skills to a pro-level.

No matter how difficult your assignment is, you will successfully handle that project. There are piles of online tools available for students.

Hence, you should pick the right tools that best fit your writing needs.

Let’s dive right into the world of flawless academic writing. These are the tools that every single student should use in 2022.

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1.  Online notepad

In this digital era, every single thing has been transformed digitally. Today, all students look to store maximum data digitally so that they access it quickly.

Like other things, making digital notes for assignments has become so popular. That’s why brilliant learners benefit from a notepad online tool to get better outcomes.

This online text editor lets you write your assignment notes over the internet and access it 24/7 across the globe. It is the finest way to pen down your notes using a computer’s keyboard or mobile phone. Using this notepad tool gives you the following perks:

Text editing feature

This online notepad tool allows you to write:

  • Plain text note
  • Rich text note
  • Task list note

With its “Rich Text Note” feature, you can do proper formatting of your assignment. This online text editor enables you to make engaging headings of paragraphs. Plus, you can also change the font size of your assignment.

Text editing

One of the killer advantages of using this tool is that you can color your background font. Also, you can add images to your assignment.

Lock the file

Lock the file

Using this notepad tool, you can lock your files so no one else can access them.

Word count

Word count

It displays the total number of characters, words, and lines of your text. In this way, you can stay within the required word count.

Download the file

Download the file

Using this tool, you can download the file to your computer.

2.  Hemingway Editor

It is another amazing tool that you should leverage. Hemingway Editor is not a grammar checker, but it performs several things with perfection. All you need to do is paste your assignment into it.

Hemingway Editor

This tool can turn you into a better student through writing-style improvements. Once you upload your assignment into this tool, the following writing elements will automatically get highlighted:

Unnecessary adverbs

This tool will notify you if the adverbs in your written assignment exceed a certain amount.

Lengthy sentences

This tool highlights all the lengthy sentences in red code.

Passive voice sentences

Passive voice sentences can lower your assignment’s quality. Therefore, Hemingway Editor highlights all the passive voice sentences so you can replace them with active voice sentences.

Hard to read phrases and sentences

All the phrases and sentences displayed in purple mean that they are complex and can be replaced with simpler alternatives.

With this tool, you can easily detect all the writing-style flaws.

3.  Grammarly


Even brilliant learners commit grammatical mistakes. No matter how well-researched your paper is, typos, punctuation, and grammar mistakes can lower its quality.

In this case, Grammarly comes into play to catch these mistakes. It is available in both versions: free and paid.

Its free version lets you correct misspelled words and grammar errors. On the contrary, its premium version provides you with additional features to fine-tune your writing style, give valuable writing tips, and trace plagiarism.


  • Spelling checker
  • Consistency enhancer
  • Readability increaser
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Tone adjustment

4.  Cliché Finder

Clichés get repeated to a great extent over time. As a result, they have become meaningless these days. Students who regularly use clichés in their assignments risk being viewed as dull writers.

With that in mind, your mentor may stop reading your paper. How bad it is!

Do you include lots of clichés in your content?

Do not be worries!

Here is a solution to this problem.

You can easily identify clichés in your assignments with a Cliché Finder. This tool helps you unveil all the hidden clichés in your content.

You can simply copy-paste your assignment in the specified box and press the “Find Clichés” button.

This tool highlights all the clichés in your assignment so you can easily eliminate them.


  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Reliable tool for every writer
  • Remove clichés & boost communication skills
  • Its unique algorithm delivers the utmost results

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5.  Bibme

In times like these, adding citations or bibliographies to your academic paper is not challenging. It can be perfectly done with the Bibme tool. With this tool, you can add real citations and a bibliography to your content.

You can create citations in these formats:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago

Final thoughts

These are the top five writing tools we have covered on all fronts in this ultimate guide. We hope these tools best suit your writing needs.

Give these writing tools a try and say goodbye to all academic writing worries!

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