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10 Tools For Managing Mobile App Development Project Remotely

Managing Mobile App Development Project

As the use of mobile apps increases, businesses are trying to tap into the market with suitable mobile apps. People use all kinds of apps today for their daily needs. It has become the norm to refer to apps for quick solutions. Organizations with the right kind of exposure have already different kinds of mobile apps in the market.

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A reputed mobile app development company becomes critical to finding the best solutions for functional apps. There are different kinds of mobile app development tools in the market that can make the head spin. But, experienced developers have the right knowledge to work with relevant app development platforms. As the mobile app development teams are functioning remotely since the pandemic, the use of multiple tools has increased. Make sure you pick the right mobile app development tool to complete the remote work timely.

Managers working in mobile app development companies know the importance of completing projects within timelines. With the use of back-dated tools, you might be lagging to attract more projects. Refer to the article to get relevant information on tools for remote completion of app development projects.

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List of Top 10 Tools for Managing Mobile App Development Projects


It is the mobile app development tool that allows companies to manage tasks using agile methods! GanttPRO is taking care of the entire activities involved in the mobile app development process with remote coordination. It is regarded as one of the most effective mobile app development tools meant for startups and agencies.

The software has functionalities like the Gantt chart and Board view approach that fulfills the requirement of app development. Manage the entire mobile app development team smoothly with the specific tool.


It is the SaaS tool meant to handle the project management team better. The cloud-based tool is assisting the management of multiple projects to save time. It also provides a robust communication system that helps to maintain the open channel with stakeholders and beyond.

Clarizen is a reliable project management tool that tracks the workflow to monitor the teams’ progress. It is easier to maintain the level of communication with all team members remotely with the help of it.

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It is the tool for creating competency-based roles and allows HR to take complete control. The software has an AI role in it. It makes it easier for an HR manager to develop workflow within the company. HR managers can develop and manage the company description to conduct interviews quickly. After that, the creation of employee career paths and the enhancement of their competency levels become easier.

CompetencyCore is a great app for use since the development team works continuously on upgrading it. Some of the traits of the app include easy conducting of interviews, notifications, reminders, job position listings, etc.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most widely used tools for storing and accessing data remotely! It is the product of global tech giant Google and it offers practical solutions for file sharing. The tool has countless features to make the business operations flawless in terms of data management. It includes essential app integrations, shared calendars, sheets, slides, docs, and a minimum of 30 GB of cloud storage.


Drop is the other most popular cloud platform for storing documents to ensure easy access. The data is easily accessible through web browsers, computers, and other devices due to its friendly UI. Businesses can easily upload their files using the grad & drop function! There is a basic version of Dropbox and it includes 2GB of space. Dropbox Business is providing more storage facilities for teams and top-level security using integration and two-factor authentication.


It is one of the top-level communication tools with simple solutions for video conferencing and team chat. The responsive design of the software works well with mobile devices and helps manage tasks easily. It is also allowing users to discuss the projects using a personalized chat feature. As mobile app development teams are functioning remotely, users can share voice messages and switch between themes.

Cisco Webex

This is the communication tool helping connect the mobile app developers working remotely. It is the connection between the different sectors of the company. Thus, it proves to be the best tool for online meetings. It allows robust chats and video conferences to keep the communication channel open. With the help of the relevant tool, it is easy to share the screen with others and also record meetings. It is easy to work with the software and there are no limits for call participants.

Team Calendar

It is the scheduling tool that is keeping all the team members updated on the deadlines or meeting dates. Teamup Calendar is meant for companies of different sizes to provide a relevant update on project updates. It assists companies to manage events, tasks and also highlights the vital dates. Some other main features include scheduling, easy sharing of data, level of access, color organization, and more.


It is an essential tool for businesses to manage the work-life balance. It is an automated online tool to assist the mobile app development team members in not missing daily schedules. The calendar is easy to configure and also easy to understand! Share the links with the invitee and also select a relevant meeting date.

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It is an easy-to-use framework that allows quick prototyping with a decent CLI. Ionic is allowing the integration with Angular and thus the environment becomes pleasurable to code in. The Ionic tool is helping the mobile app development teams to build and ship cross-platform mobile apps. It is the open-source mobile UI toolkit for creating suitable cross-platform apps for your business.

Final Thoughts!

Businesses need to look for mobile app developers with the right experience and ability to work remotely. The reputed mobile app development firms are managing their development teams remotely using powerful tools. Select the relevant app development tools to complete the task within deadlines. Improve the productivity of work and also organize teams better with suitable mobile app development project apps.

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