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Meta Releases New Account Verification Subscription Bundle

Meta Releases New Account Verification Subscription Bundle

Do you know Meta Releases New Account Verification Subscription Bundle? In an effort to help creators who wish to build a presence on its platforms, Meta is developing a new membership service. Account verification will be a part of this in order to stop impersonation, improve visibility, and improve support access.

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Meta Releases New Account Verification Subscription Bundle
Meta Releases New Account Verification Subscription Bundle

CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a brand-new service called Meta Verified. This is a subscription bundle for both Instagram and Facebook that will verify users’ accounts, according to a statement made public by Meta.

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This will not only make it simpler for producers to establish a presence by growing their communities on Facebook and Instagram, but it also verifies a specific user. “This new feature is about boosting authenticity and security across our services,” Zuckerberg said of the new feature.

Users who sign up for Meta Verified will receive a verified badge to show that their accounts are authentic, proactive account monitoring to prevent impersonation, access to support when needed, and more visibility and reach. Once the testing is complete, they’ll add even more exclusive features.

This week, testing for Meta Verified will start in Australia and New Zealand. Users will have to pay $11.99 per month for the web-based subscription service and $14.99 for Apple and Android users.

Although there has been no confirmation regarding which nations would be included in the expansion of Meta Verified, The New York Times stated that the subscription service is anticipated to expand to the United States in the next weeks.

The business made it clear that users who previously received their verification before the launch of Meta Verified would not be impacted by this move. With this product, we hope to develop a useful subscription service for makers, companies, and communities.

In order to increase access to verification and the confidence of users that the accounts they interact with are genuine, Meta said, “As part of this ambition, we are redefining the meaning of the verified badge.”

After Twitter Blue

The launch of Meta Verified comes after Twitter Blue, its paid subscription service. Users could use two-factor authentication to protect their accounts in this way. Users will also receive a blue check mark and other special features like an edit button for $8 a month.

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According to the Associated Press, social media businesses are searching for new streams of income as demand for digital advertising declines. One of the companies most impacted by the drop in Meta’s case is the business, which depends largely on advertising revenue.

Despite an increase in users, Meta reported a loss in revenue during its third-quarter results call. In an effort to save expenses, the corporation recently disclosed that it was cutting off 11,000 workers, or 13% of its staff.

Thus, Zuckerberg dubbed 2023 as the “Year of Efficiency,” as the corporation will now concentrate on growing into a more robust and agile institution.

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