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PMYP: Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award 2022

National Innovation Award 2022

The Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award (PMNIA), is an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme executed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The PMNIA is providing an open opportunity for Pakistani youth within the age bracket of 15 to 30 years to propose innovative ideas and get funding as well as technical support to turn their ideas into a business.

National Innovation Award is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas related to 8 thematic areas with a specific focus on Eco-Innovation.

  • There will be a regional and national level competition.
  • The selected ideas and teams will be engaged with the private sector and startup industry.
  • The selected teams and ideas will also get scholarships and training.
  • This competition will help in promoting startup culture and generating sustainable and green jobs.

The objectives of the Innovation Award are;

  • Improving Pakistan’s Ranking in the Global Innovation Index,
  • Foster Entrepreneurial Culture among the Youth
  • Transforming Ideas into a Successful Businesses

The grant package of up to PKR 2M will be stretched over the startup’s proposed budget requirements for approved activities, including rigorous entrepreneurial training, legal training and support, and financial education and training among other services.

The innovation challenge aims to support solutions to indigenous issues faced by our communities nationwide pertaining to the following thematic areas.

1. Food Security
Agriculture & Nutrition, Sustainable food eco-system.

2. Water Management and Sustainability
Irrigation, Water conservation, Waste & Water Treatment.

3. Climate Change and Environment
Climate Mitigation, Disaster Management, Metro-scale pollution reduction, climate modeling.

4. Information Technology and Telecom
Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Disparities in access of technology, 5G, and healthcare using ICT.

5. Sociology and Philosophy
Intellectual heritage, material culture, future of work and family, politics, gender, and population.

6. Urban Planning
Preservation of urban space and life, Planning of Second Tier Cities, Transportation, Waste Collection.

7. Innovative Governance and Reforms
Responsiveness to Citizen Services, Citizen Scorecards.

8. Sustainable Energy
Electric mobility, Smart energy, Transmission, and Grid issues.

Startup Idea Submission Procedure: Startup Innovative Ideas / Concept Notes on the prescribed application template and to be submitted via Prime Minister Youth Portal

Download Registration Guidelines

Who can participate?

Youth of Pakistan aged between 15 to 30 years are eligible to apply. Why apply for National Innovation Award?

  • If you have an innovative idea and money is a barrier to market it, then you must apply to PM National Innovation Award and receive funding.
  • Innovators will receive free of cost mentorship by the renowned development sector’s expert, leading multi-national companies, local enterprises, and leading employers.
  • Through PMNIA, there will be extensive interaction of participating candidates with academia, entrepreneurs, and industry.
  • Complete support and facilitation will be provided to convert the ideas into reality.
  • The top performing innovators participating in Prime Minister’s National Innovation
  • Award will get recognition at the national/international level.
  • Innovators will get exposure and can develop industrial linkages.
  • Innovators will get a chance to commercialize your idea/start-up.

The deadline for Application Submission is: 15 November 2022

How To Submit Innovative Idea/Concept

You can submit your Startup Innovative Ideas/ Concept Notes on the prescribed application via:

PMYP WebsiteRegistration Online
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