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Samsung Demonstrates Sci Fi Displays at CES 2023


Do You know Samsung Demonstrates Sci Fi Displays at CES 2023? Samsung Display’s Flex Hybrid prototype has a sliding and folding display.

The display of this hypothetical “smart mobile device” is accessible by unfolding the left side of the device. To expand the screen, the right side can slide outward.

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Samsung Demonstrates Sci Fi Displays
Samsung Demonstrates Sci Fi Displays

In addition to a new 17-inch slidable screen and automotive panels for self-driving cars, Samsung’s new Flex Hybrid was on show at CES 2023.

The Flex Hybrid’s screen resolution and maximum brightness remain unclear, but according to Samsung Display, it can grow from 10.5 inches (4:3) to 12.4 inches (16:10). A foldable smartphone may someday employ the display. This would enable the user to slide the device out when they want to view a movie or play a game on a larger screen and unfold it for a tablet-like experience.

This prototype advances the idea devices Samsung Display has previously demonstrated (not counting the foldable phones Samsung Electronics has released). The Display Week Expo in May featured a variety of folding and sliding designs from Samsung. No other device, meanwhile, combined sliding panels with foldable screens quite way this one did.

Furthermore, Samsung hasn’t yet made one of these cutting-edge displays available for purchase. This indicates that it might take some time before the Flex Hybrid concept becomes widely adopted.

Sliding Laptop Screens

Samsung Demonstrates Sci Fi Displays
Samsung Demonstrates Sci Fi Displays

For next laptops, Samsung Display has also created two larger 17-inch slidable prototypes. Since it was first introduced during Intel’s Innovation keynote in September, this idea has never before been seen in public. While the Flex Slidable Duet can grow in two directions, from 13 and 14 inches to 17.3 inches, the Flex Slidable Solo can only expand in one direction.

For Self-Driving Cars

Finally, Samsung has a product for autonomous automobiles. These new display panels are available in 34-inch and 15.6-inch sizes. Samsung wants all self-driving car startups worldwide to be aware that it has the tools they require, even if it is unclear when or if these displays will be offered in consumer-ready products.

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