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10 Best Apps For Remote Workers in 2021

You started work from home, and you are looking for apps that could help you? You are in the right place! Here you will find everything you need and learn more about some useful apps. Below you will find the 10 best apps for remote workers. Each of these is easy to use and simple to install.

Best 10 Apps For Remote Workers

1. TickTick

If you are looking for a to-do list app, this one is the best apps for remote workers. TickTick app is suitable for Android, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Web. It has many great features. You can make tasks by typing hashtags, due dates, or simply lists. This app has a built-in habit-tracking tool. That means this app makes a note wherever you did not do your duties. This app has a timer, so you could force yourself to make your assignments on time. You could put tasks for the next seven days, and you would receive a notification every day. TickTick offers a Premium account that needs to be paid, but also you can use it free. You would not have all features, but it would be enough for your team and you to organize.

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2. Connecteam

This app would help you with connecting with your teammates. With this app, you could easily create groups and talk to everyone from your work. Also, you can send messages just to one person. This feature is great if you have a project with somebody. When you send something important, like assignments, you can see who saw your message. With this app, you would not need to call everybody from your office. The only thing you need to send a message. It will save you a lot of time. When you create an account, it will take you only five minutes to get everything. Also, you could use the free version. Most of the features are available in the free session.

3. Zoom

Zoom is a great app for video calls. It is helpful for any institution. So, if you have an online meeting, this would help you a lot. With Zoom, you can upload any presentations and projects so that everybody sees them. Also, you can turn on and off cameras. But, if you are a host of the meeting, you need to approve that first. There are many great features on this app, like “raise hand”. This feature allows you to speak if you have any questions or want to comment on something. You can share your screen with everybody at the meeting. Also, there is a search engine, which helps you find members quicker. You can send messages to everybody or just one person.

4. DocuSign

DocuSign is great if you work from home. There would be many times when you should sign some documents, but you could not come to the company. That is why you need this app. DocuSign allows you to sign any document and send them back to your employer. You would not be tied for the office, and you will have more time for other tasks. Also, you can create your signature, so that would make things even easier. This app is easy to use. This simple app replaces faxing, scanning, and printing. Also, DocuSign would help your company with digital everything. This way, your whole job would be easier to make.


This app would help you with concentration and focus. With this app, you can listen to music that calms you. It has been tested on the brain and behavior, so you can be sure that it would help you. If you are bothered by outside sounds and household noise, you need this app. When you listen to these sounds, you will not bother with loud noises. This sound would help you at work but if you can not sleep, try to use it before bedtime. You will hear the different sounds, and they would affect differently on your behavior. You would be more relaxed and ready for work assignments.

6. Weekdone

If you install this app, it will give you a weekly overview of the work done. With this application, you can track what your teammates have done that week and what they need to do. Organize everything you need to do by days and find out how much time you have for tasks. You can make a data visualizer, and everyone will see the progress. This app will help your whole team with organization and improving work habits. Your employers could check on each of you with this app, and they would know who made the most and who did not give his best. This app has a free version, and you could try a free trial before beginning.

7. Zenkit

This app is also one of the best apps for remote workers and this combines messaging with your coworkers, project management solutions, tasks, and to-do list. Also, this app is available on all platforms. You can save your data and make it accessible. When you are done and save your work, you can analyze and change your project if you have to. You can share your work with your teammates and ask them for opinions. Also, with this app, you can easily communicate with everybody and help each other. This app saves all your work and progress. It is easy to use. This is just one app, but it contains many great features that would help you a lot. Also, it would save you time.

8. Trello

This app would help your team and you to do more tasks quicker. On this app, you can organize thru lists, cards, and boards. If you choose cards, you can put due dates to them or comments. Also, you can put do and done tasks. So, when you are finished with your work, it automatically goes to the done group. It is available as a mobile and desktop app. This app is great because it tracks your progress. Your team and you can design Trello so it would suit your needs. You can add members, labels, due dates, checklists, and attachments to the board. This app is easy to use for everybody. Also, you can change privacy settings, choose between the only team, public or private. Setup is not complicated, and it takes only a few minutes.

9. Thoughtflow

If you have great ideas pop up in your mind, you need this app. When you open this app, you will see a well-designed interface. When you swipe right, the green screen will appear. So, then you can put your mind in the app. Your ideas would be sorted there, as you wish. There are not any URL links or tools for design. You create what is in your mind, and there is nothing more so you could stay focused on your work. You can add maps, text, and images that associate with your idea. Also, you can swipe up, so you would see if there are any related web pages. This app would help you sort your ideas, and you would not forget about them. It is great when you are on the move. So, you just need to open the app and put a note.

10. Pocket

This app is great and one of the best apps for remote workers when you come across a good article or idea for work. This app collects all great content, so that could help you with your job assignment. So, when you need a good idea for a business, you need to open this app and look for ideas. Also, you can open this app everywhere and read interesting content. One of the greatest features of his app is that you can add tags. So, when you put tags, you would easily categorize everything and find it quickly when you need something. When you are starting to read on this app, you choose lightning, font, and theme. If you download articles, you will not need an internet connection when you will want to read them. This is great if you are going on a trip and lost internet connection.


Here you could read the best ten apps for remote workers. Each of these is useful and easy to use for everyone. If you are looking for an app to help you communicate with your teammates, you need a Connect team. With this app, you could send and comment on tasks with your coworkers. But, if you are looking for a task app, you need to install TickTick. It will help you organize your day and the work you need to do. The best app that mixes everything you need is Zenkit. With this app, you can analyze work, assignments, share your work with your teammates, and this app has many more great features.

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