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iOS 14 HACKS: 5 Best Hidden Features of iOS 14


iOS 14 is one of the biggest WWDC 2020 announcements. Lifehacker dug deep into the latest iOS 14 beta version to identify all the interesting features hidden inside the iPhone that were not mentioned in the case. Below are the five best-hidden features of iOS 14 you should learn about, and how to unlock them with your iPhone to get the best experience.

How to unlock iOS 14 hidden features

Keep all the apps you off your Home screen pages

One of iOS 14’s best features is the latest “App Library” that will help you organize your games. According to Lifehacker, the new App Library is a useful tool for eliminating clutter or build-up of devices; not only does it allow you to drop and drag your devices into the App Library to clean your home page screens, but it also allows you to configure it so that any new applications that you install will be displayed by default in the App Library. By going to “Settings” and then selecting “Home Screen,” you can activate the app, which will provide you with an iPhone that is clutter-free.

Use iOS 14’s new picture-in-picture mode with YouTube

The next trick was noted by Drew Coffman, who explained that multitasking-picture-in – picture mode is one of the best features of the new iOS 14 version; however, it isn’t working with the Youtube app at the moment. If you’re going to use the Safari browser, though, this should work on your iPhone.

Let your iPhone alert you when those important sounds are recognized
A new “Sound Recognition” is hidden in the accessibility settings of iOS 14, where you can find all of the interesting features. This new feature will notify you when it hears certain objects from your device. The extensive list of items in the latest Sound Recognition feature includes sirens, fire alarms, dogs, cats, a doorbell, and a baby crying.

All sorts of new Photos tools

iOS 14 has a feature that allows you to add a caption to any photos or images you’ve taken using your device by slightly swiping up. You can not, therefore, use Spotlight to scan for the text of the caption. This feature can be activated by going to the primary Photos UI, and you will be able to zoom in and zoom out of your gallery. You need to tap the triple-dots in the upper right corner to start a new filter for browsing through your Favorites, and all your edited images and videos.

Enhance your voice recordings

If you’re tired of hearing your recorded crappy voice, then it’ll be a huge help to launch this app. Find any recording of your speech you want, then press the icon at the lower-left corner of the triple-dots. Select the “Edit File” option and select the icon for the new magic wand. Doing this could help you eliminate all the lousy sounds or noise behind your voice for a slightly better recording of your voice.

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