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Top 5 Web Scraping Companies for 2023

Top 5 Web Scraping Companies for 2023
Top 5 Web Scraping Companies for 2023

Do you know Top 5 Web Scraping Companies for 2023? There is a great amount of information available online, but using it wisely can be very difficult. Even after finding a reliable source of information, the pertinent material could be dispersed over thousands of pages or in an unusable format.

Web scraping is the process of removing information from websites and putting it in a format that is well-organized and simple to use, such a spreadsheet or database. This would be a highly laborious and time-consuming operation without automation.

Web Scraping Companies for 2023

Top 5 Web Scraping Companies for 2023
Top 5 Web Scraping Companies for 2023

The technical details of the process can be managed by a web scraping service, allowing you to just acquire the data you require. You can acquire updated data on a regular basis without worrying about managing the actual data extraction operation by using a web scraping service to provide a one-time delivery or set up an ongoing data feed.

There are several web scraping providers, however the quality might vary greatly. We’ve listed our top five web scraping services below:

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 Marquee Data

Because of its excellent customer service and commitment to its customers, who have frequently left favourable evaluations, we chose Marquee Data as the best online scraping service. Comparative to other online scraping firms, Marquee Data places a greater emphasis on effective communication and providing high-quality data. Their website is a fantastic resource for finding out more information about web scraping.

Former equities research analysts who were frustrated with the caliber of the market’s web scraping vendors created Marquee Data in New York City. Due to their laser-like concentration on providing excellent customer service, they have been able to expand organically, and today some of the top Fortune 500 corporations, multibillion dollar hedge funds, venture capital firms, and renowned academic institutions are among its clients.

Unlike many other online scraping businesses, Marquee Data is entirely based in the US and does not use any contractors from other countries to complete any of its programming work. As a result, the business may engage with clients more effectively and fluidly and cut down on development times. Clients have expressed gratitude for having immediate access to capable project managers via phone or email.

A prime example of “web scraping as a service” is Marquee Data. Their primary line of work is creating specialised web scraping services; they don’t provide developer tools and are only concerned with giving their customers the data they require. They have made major R&D investments, in particular, in developing capacities to manage periodic data deliveries. They have been able to develop a strong monitoring and alerting infrastructure thanks to this investment, enabling them to offer a degree of dependability and data accuracy that is unmatched in the market.

A simple three-step procedure is used to deliver a custom project. Clients first speak with the business through phone or email to discuss their needs and objectives. The relevant data is then extracted by Marquee Data by writing the appropriate code to do the scrape. Any necessary cleansing or aggregation can be done with the data after it has been scraped. Finally, the customer receives the data either once or on an ongoing basis in the specified file format.

They continue to be among the most affordable enterprise-grade web scraping services available because to their excellent technique, and they back it up with a comforting guarantee: according to their website, “You don’t pay a penny until you’re delighted with the data.”


Our second option is Zyte, a reputable business in the web scraping sector that offers a lot of experience and knowledge to fulfil the various needs of its clients. The company, formerly known as “Scraping hub,” changed its name to “Zyte” in 2021 to emphasize that it does more than just web scrape. The organization wanted the breakthroughs in AI and machine learning and how they can help with advanced data analytics to be reflected in their brand. They still act as a catalyst for innovation in the industry. In addition to their data extraction service, they provide a wide range of other goods, including cloud hosting and a proxy manager.

Zyte has its headquarters in Ireland and employs people all around the world, from South America and the Middle East to Western and Eastern Europe. Zyte provides a thorough consultation by asking a number of questions about the project’s scope, the type of data to be retrieved, the necessary transformations, and any necessary integrations to make sure that each client obtains the data they require.

Through this procedure, Zyte offers its customers effective, individualized data extraction services supported by a committed support staff that is available to identify and resolve any potential issues that clients may have. Their website offers a wealth of resources for learning more about web scraping and has excellent material for those who are already familiar with the practice.


As a well-known leader in the data scraping industry, Scrape Hero takes great pride in offering top-notch customer support. The business places a great emphasis on providing top-notch customer support and offers a wide range of customizable and adaptable services. The “Data Store,” where users may buy pre-packaged datasets, is one of the company’s biggest features and can be a far more affordable alternative to custom web scraping initiatives. This product consists both single-site scrapes as well as aggregated datasets that would be very expensive to scrape independently.

From tiny businesses to huge corporations, including international financial institutions, healthcare organizations, fast-moving consumer goods conglomerates, hotel networks, and many more, Scrape Hero has helped a wide spectrum of businesses.

Our preference for Scrape Hero is also based on the company’s comprehensive and educational blog, which features several use cases and case studies for data that has been scraped. If you are confused about how web scraping might help your business, this is a wealth of knowledge. Their papers unambiguously demonstrate how useful web scraped data can be for all kinds of industries.


Because it offers a self-service option, Octoparse separates apart from other web scraping businesses. Users are now able to create and manage web scraping projects independently utilising an online interface. Octoparse distinguishes itself from the other web scraping services by emphasising its point-and-click software, which enables customers to scrape data without having to learn how to code, which can be a significant obstacle. Simply input the URL of the appropriate website, choose the data you want to extract from it, and then execute the extraction are all that is required of users.

The data can be simply loaded into a company’s internal systems because it may be exported in a variety of forms. By giving them the simple-to-use software to extract their own required data, this provides the customer more control over the process. Users can simultaneously extract data from several websites using Octoparse.

Octoparse can be the best option if a business needs certain data rapidly and would want to conduct the process on its own. For more complex tasks, the self-service solution might not be the ideal choice.


The goal of Apify, a web scraping business, is to relieve businesses of time-consuming duties that take away from more crucial work. Apify primarily targets developers by providing a set of development tools, in contrast to the other choices on this list. They provide a Discord channel where customers may communicate with experts, which is another distinctive feature. To ensure they get the most out of the platform, this enables developers to communicate with others seamlessly and effectively. They take pride in providing tools that can be greatly customized.

The website for Apify provides a number of use cases that people can utilise to create solutions to certain challenges. The company provides a one-stop shop for anyone looking to get a competitive edge in the market by automating data extraction and other associated processes by providing web scraping tools as well as an automation platform.

Apify offers affordable and flexible pricing options. The business offers a variety of price plans, each of which offers a range of services to cater to the particular requirements of each user.

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All in All

For a wide range of businesses, web scraping may be a very valuable tool, and the correct web scraping solution can be a crucial ally. By using a web scraping service, you can concentrate on what you do best while giving a potentially time-consuming and laborious duty to a qualified partner.

Although Marquee Data continues to be our top pick, we advise you to get in touch and find out which service provider will work best for your business. In the end, because every business has different needs, it is up to each one to choose the web scraping service that will work best for them.

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