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Without a pairing button, how can I sync my Roku remote?

Sync my Roku remote, If you just bought a new Roku remote, you must pair it in order for it to work. The remote has a built-in pairing button that you may use to pair it with your gadgets. This is particularly accurate for the brand-new Roku stick and console. However, some Roku remotes lack a pairing button. So how do these remotes sync?

Your Roku remote does not have a pairing button in two situations, though. First, it might just be a straightforward IR remote. The batteries can therefore be inserted to make it usable. In addition, several remote controls without buttons require a combination of buttons to link.

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Without a pairing button, how can I sync my Roku remote?

sync my Roku remote, Use pairing secret words

If your Roku remote is voice-activated or otherwise upgraded, it ought to feature a pairing button. You need to couple them first because it uses an RF signal. Some Roku voice remotes, however, lack a built-in pairing button. Standard batteries are already installed.

The combination button allows you to pair them with your Roku player. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Start by inspecting the back of your remote. Next, slide the Battery tab to the bottom and take it off.
  2. Hold the Home and Back buttons on your Roku remote control simultaneously for up to 5 seconds.
  3. When you notice the indicator light flashing, you can let go of it. It indicates that pairing mode is available on your remote.
Sync my Roku remote

sync my Roku remote, Use the remote app

You can link the Roku app remote as a backup if the suggested pairing method does not work in your situation. When your device and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, this works. Let’s look at how to do that below.

  1. Download the official Roku app to your smartphone.
  2. Open the programmed, then select the Devices tab.
  3. Select your Roku device to connect.
  4. The virtual remote for Roku will show up on your screen after connection.
    You cannot use the app remotely if your Roku and mobile device are connected via different Wi-Fi networks. Buying a new replacement remote might be your only option.
Sync my Roku remote

Alternate Approach

Sync my Roku remote, If using the combination key to pair your Roku remote does not work, it may instead use an infrared signal. Such remote controls only require functioning batteries to be used. Therefore, you are not need to pair it with your Roku hardware. You can give input by aiming them directly at your device.

Only Roku TV is compatible with these remote controls. The Roku stick devices do not support IR signals because you plug them straight into the TV. The procedures for getting your basic remote ready to pair are listed below.

  1. Your remote’s battery compartment can be slid open.
  2. Now insert the necessary number of AAA or AA batteries. You must make sure they are functioning and new.
  3. You must affix the batteries with the Minus sign in the negative terminal and the Plus sign in the positive terminal.
  4. After that, shut the battery compartment.
  5. To input, point the remote at your Roku TV immediately. The Roku TV menu should be within your control.
Sync my Roku remote
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