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How to Use Google Maps on an Apple Watch

Use Google Maps Apple Watch

Apart from the extended absence of Google Maps, Apple Maps is integrated into Apple Watch in order to navigate around your environment, but Google Maps are also available. Google Maps can be used on your telephone and view directions for specific destinations, you can take home or work, go by car or on foot and get an ETA on your present tour.

Install Google Maps on Apple Watch

Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch isn’t already there, your first stage would be the installation of Google Maps. The app should first be downloaded to your iPhone from the App Store.

Enable Location Tracking

Install Google Map

Open your phone’s Watch app and swipe the My Watch screen down to Available Apps. Tap the Install button beside Google Maps to move it to your Apple Watch’s installed section.

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Make sure you can track your location on Google Maps. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Google Maps and set the Allow Location Access option to While Using the App or Always.

Set Up Addresses

Apple Watch

You should then set your home and work addresses on your iPhone in Google Maps. You can then easily find directions directly on your watch to either place. Open your phone app to do this. Type the bottom Saved icon and click the Label list.

Tap the Set once and go link under Home and then add your home address either by typing it, selecting it on a map, or choosing it from your contact list. Do the same for your address at work. Further addresses for quick access can be added to Favorites, for example, your doctor, favorite restaurants, or the next hospital.

Set Travel Mode

Google Maps

You can also set your preferred travel mode. In the watch app, swipe down the screen and tap Set travel mode. The Walking, Driving (defaulter), Transit, or Bicycling mode can be configured here. Choose your preferred mode, then set your destination for your transport choice.

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Apple Watch

Now open your watch with the Google Maps app. The shortcuts you created for home, work, or other places should be seen. To receive turn-by-turn addresses tap one of these shortcuts. You will also be shown a map and a route to your destination on your phone. To see directions on your phone along with your watch, tap the Start button on Google Maps.

You will have to use Google Maps on your phone to navigate to a destination that is not saved as a shortcut. To enter an address to receive instructions, tap the Start Button and open the app on your phone. The Current Trip entry shows your ETA in your watch application. You can then tap the entry to see turn-by-turn directions.

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