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How Education Changes the World and Technology is Changing Education

Technology is Changing Education

Education has the ability to transform a society, but, as odd as it may sound, technology was likely the last to have an impact on the education sector. An epidemic and the New National Education Policy were required to call into serious question the quality of instruction, attendance, testing and funding as well as human connections that tie education and society together.

Clearly 2020 was a challenging year for students, parents, and educators who transitioned their instruction online, but 2021 and the second wave have seen the effectiveness of using technology for teaching and learning become widely accepted, if not actively desired by students and educators alike. We are all aware that technology has the ability to make things happen on a grand scale. Education delivery will now be put to the test in order to ensure that more individualized learning takes place. The question now is not so much about how we can conduct online education as it is about how we can do digital education successfully. As a result, the change of educational institutions is not merely a transitional phase, but rather a comprehensive process that will need to be carried out correctly and successfully long after the pandemic has passed.

The ultimate goal is to empower kids, and to do this, institutions, educational technology, students, parents, and teachers must all be on the same page. It is possible that the innovation is not an issue of school or screen, but rather of school plus screen. This necessitates digital collaboration, rather than creating a digital separation.

Our current issue is devoted to the Best Edtech Companies in Pakistan, who are revolutionizing education by innovating and challenging the status quo. The article also looks at the transition of educational institutions, which are not thinking of digital as a temporary stopover but rather as a whole journey that will last long after the pandemic has passed. The reality is that this will have a profound impact on education, potentially for the better in the long run.

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