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20 Healthcare App Development ideas for Healthcare Startups

Healthcare App Development ideas

According to Statista, for iOS and Android-based smartphones, around 88,000 healthcare mobile apps are accessible. All digital transformations are taking place, particularly in healthcare. The world is faced with Covid-19’s second year. And with technology, with a few simple clicks, you can do almost everything. The healthcare industry has undoubtedly profited from technological advancement. But developing the ideals of the medical app is a hard procedure that requires expert supervision. Mobile apps have transformed the way individuals interact and communicate with brands in order to obtain their products and services. These applications have produced a win-win situation in which marketers can effortlessly reach their targeted audiences and customers have access to their fingertips to their products and services.

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Mobile applications have been used to offer services by companies from every corner, including the health and fitness industries. Mobile healthcare applications are required as they make it easy to access different digital health services in a nutshell. Just download the application, create your profile, find a doctor, and get a consultation.

What is Healthcare App Development?

According to Statista, the global healthcare systems or more precisely healthcare applications have gotten even more popular as the COVID-19 epidemic has struck. Investments have increased by 300 percent in telemedicine, AI, and remote control. In 2021, it is anticipated that the global overall mHealth market will be around $100 billion. This would climb five times over the 2016 figure of about $21 billion.

Generally, there are two categories of Healthcare app development. Healthcare applications for doctors and healthcare applications for patients. The most popular are Personal Health Records Software (PHRs) and Electronic Health Record (EHR), which are created for medical firms, provide health records to doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff. At this time, peoples have been also aware of health management, booking appointments, fitness tracker, etc.

Types of Apps Which are in trends:

  • Fitness -Workout & Exercise Apps
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Women’s Health
  • Healthcare Providers/Payers
  • Medication Adherence
  • Disease Management

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Must-have Healthcare App Features

Most popular healthcare app development ideas for health apps have a lot in common. We can construct a somewhat extensive list of ‘must-have’ characteristics while analyzing its fundamental functions. Some depend heavily on the type of mobile app to best fit your business objective.

Real-time Updating

One of the most significant characteristics of health applications is the ability to give up-to-date data. It is essential to constantly update the material, not only for patients but also for physicians, to offer the finest analysis.

Cross-platform Accessibility

The top healthcare apps from patients’ smartphones to doctor’s PCs for various Android and IOS devices should be offered. It’s also one of the primary selling factors of an application to be available from any device.

Offline Mode

Although we live in a world that always connects people, online mode remains one of the most upsetting characteristics of the program. The finest medical app should not always be connected to the internet and hence offline access needs an unbroken data flow and backups.

Monitoring & Analytics

During medical checks in a hospital or other medical establishment important analysis of the patient data is useful. Medical experts can thereby predict potential dangers, complications, etc.

Progress Tracking

The option to track blood pressure, heart rate, calories, and diets, etc are most beneficial for measuring progress and keeping an eye on the patient’s vitals.

Two-way Communication

Patients should be able to get reports and feedback from doctors and learn more details about their conditions and prescriptions. This feature creates mutual trust between the Healthcare Application user and the provider, making them feel they are being cared about by their medical experts even when they cannot go to the clinic or hospital.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the most popular tools nowadays, when something is out of common or provides the user with a different reminder, notification is one of the essential features to have.

Schedule Appointments

Some healthcare applications will give you permission to book a visit with your doctor directly from your smartphone.

Payment Integration

Payments for medical services online are also a useful option as doctor’s appointments and hospital admissions connected with bills. The clients and users can pay fees with a single click.

Patient & Doctor Profiles

In most instances, all information in the user profiles that doctors can view should be organized. In contrast, the profiles of the doctors should include specialist information and other valid information to facilitate the patient choice of a practitioner.

3rd Party Integrations

Apple Health, Samsung Health, GoogleFit, and others most Healthcare applications should be able to connect to these platforms and various other measurement tools for smart devices like smart scales, smartwatches, etc.

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Healthcare App Development ideas

Fitness app with virtual training

You can work on developing a fitness app for training, running, and riding with other developers virtually. By providing a normal workout application a twist of technology, you can make users to training, cycling, and running with other users virtually. They can set their targets and select the method to fulfill them while providing tough competition to other users in the application. This mobile application idea would surely be a great milestone.

Telemedicine Apps

Telehealth means the delivery by electronic information and telecommunications technology of services connected to health. In the last several years, the telemedical industry has grown substantially, especially since individuals are more prone to remain at home during the Covid-19. The total world market for telemedicine was $45 billion in 2019. It should be worth over $175 billion before 2026. This huge expansion is fuelled by the rising expense of traditional health care, growing digital users, and funding for telemedicine. Around 350 000 telemedicine patients were present worldwide in 2013.

AR-Based Medical Training App

An AR-based health training app can be used to train health workers to perform a variety of operations. To do the same, there is no requirement for a real human body. It is indeed a terrific idea to develop such an alternative.

VR Meditation App

One of the most inventive ideas for your start-up is to develop a virtual reality-based meditation and relaxation app. You can give consumers the opportunity to hear calming sounds, observe beauty sites and immerse themselves in various videos from different areas of the world with a 360-degree view. To distinguish your app, users can select a distinctive setting or select a certain place when meditating.

Emergency Apps

These health applications are employed in emergencies, just as the name says. If the user feels awful and can’t talk, they can start the app at once by taping the help button, and send a request with the specific location of the healthcare user to the hospital.

Fitness Tracker App

An application for a fitness tracker can track people’s levels of fitness. You may connect the application with wearable devices using technologies such as AI, ML, AR, and more. This software can help people keep track of their heart rate, blood pressure, and more.

AI-Based Personal Trainer App

The emerging trend in the fitness business is AI-based personal trainers. Such applications alleviate people who frequent a fitness facility and pay heavy membership costs or recruit a personal trainer to accomplish their desired fitness objectives. An AI personal trainer application can make people receive personalized training plans in the proper approach. You can imagine a request like this evolving.

Home Workout App

Home training applications with pre-recorded workout videos or even personalized workouts can make people fit without ever leaving home. For your startup, you can think about developing such a request. You may make your application stand out in the crowd by adding audio instructions, correction of posture, and several other features.

Health Check-up Reminder App

An app to help people not miss or forget their regular checks may be a health check-up memory. Such an app may notify or alert the doctor one day prior to the date of appointment. You can also add further advanced capabilities that enable customers to record certain frequent health tests. Include ideas for your startup in the medical app list.

On-Demand Doctor App

A doctor app on request can virtually enable users to connect to health specialists. In your application, you may search and filter to enable patients to find a physician without having to worry. Such an application can be quite helpful for people since they can evaluate reviews and doctors’ ratings before they are contacted.

Nutritional Value Checker App

One of the great healthcare solutions is the development of an app where individuals can enter food, fruit, vegetables, and other foods and get information on their nutritional content. For your startup, you may consider of building it.

Diet Planner App

A diet planner app can help people to get a customized diet plan based on their current body needs and fitness goals. They can simply select the type of diet (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, etc.), their fitness goals, and the app will provide them a plan. To make your app different from the ones that are already in the market, you can provide features to consult with the top nutritionists.

Mental Health App

In modern days, people face numerous mental health concerns, such as depression, stress, PTSD, anxiety, and more with the hurried lifestyle. You can consider designing a mobile app for treating mental health concerns. This would definitely be a big hit for users. You can look for a psychiatrist and have a consultation.

Healthcare App for Women

You can think about the development of a women-only healthcare application. You can create a discussion forum for users to debate several health-related issues to make their application different from other apps. In addition, you can also offer health-related information to a particular sector.

Meditation App/Yoga App

Building a meditation or yoga app with technologies such as artificial understanding and enhanced reality can help people remain mentally and physically fit. In order to make your app stand out, you can include features like audio tutorials, music library, posture correction, and more.

Medicine Reminder App

An app that reminds patients when to take medicine can help them get aware. They will never miss the prescription of their medicines. Consider designing an app to remember medications to make a fortune.

Hospital Finder App

One of the fantastic ideas for medical care is to help individuals through the Medical Center/Hospital Finder App. For your startup, you can consider about developing it. Such an app might help you to verify a medical facility’s rating and evaluations before to your visit for the treatment of different disorders. Similarly, a smartphone app can be created with the same information about fitness facilities, yoga centers, health clubs, and fitness centers in a city.

Medical Record-Keeping App

You may make users record health issues, prior or continuing treatments, medicines, and other health facts by designing a medical recordkeeping app. In case of an emergency, this app can be a boon.

The app can notify clinicians about past health data for patients, allergy details, blood group information, etc. To find out the same thing, the Doctor must not waste time performing the essential tests. You can begin treatment on the basis of records.

AR-Based Diagnosis App

A diagnostic app based on increased reality can allow patients accurately to communicate their symptoms to healthcare workers. The App can assist nurses to detect veins without any difficulties when connected to an AR-enabled handheld scanner. The development of such a request is certainly a useful choice for your startup.

Biological Data Tracking Apps

You can assist people to check their health by designing a biological data tracking application. In order to help women maintain track and pay attention to their reproductive health as a whole, for example, you can consider designing a period of follow-up app.

Such an application can be quite useful in controlling significant health problems such as cardiovascular conditions, depression, AIDS, and more. The application might allow patients to monitor the progress of their treatment.

Exercise and Earn App

You might also consider developing a healthy lifestyle fitness app. You can award them every time they achieve running, jogging, walking, or other practice goals, in order to motivate them and attract a wide audience. Charity Miles is a sort of application that allows users to chose and run the charity to finish the amount set. The app’s sponsors contribute the sum won to the charitable organization selected.

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Final Thoughts

Looking for a mobile app development idea revolutionary healthcare? This is the end of your search! This post gives 20 unique healthcare app development ideas for your startup for 2020-21. You can consider building them. These are AI-based personal trainers, dietary planners, meditation, home workouts, and many others. Those ideas involve health technology. Read the whole post on these healthcare app development ideas for more information. If you have a concept or have already listed one, search for experienced app developers or agencies to initiate the development process.

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