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35 Mobile Apps, Web Portals and Digital Platforms for the Citizens of Pakistan

Digital Pakistan Apps

News Desk: NITB has developed 35 useful mobile applications and web portals for providing public services at the fingertips under the Digital Pakistan Vision.

Public departments and ministries in Pakistan require dedicated strategic consultancy and direction to accomplish their key objectives productively. It is not in the government’s interests to provide unproductive public services. The objective of NITB is to solve both government departments and ministers’ organizational problems. In order to foster the culture of e-Govers in all public departments and to globally evolve plans, solutions, and facilities to improve the efficiency of the public sector, NITB focusses on core automation, conception, architecture, and deployment of robust IT technologies.

NITB’s strategic vision is to use IT power as a strategy to shake down government departments’ ability to expand rapidly. The efficiencies of all government agencies in the country’s rapid socio-economic growth can be maximized by strong digital policies, resources, and applications.

The primary goal of NITB is for all government agencies and ministries to provide essential tools and consulting services to support speedy operations. They primarily work to support the well-being of Pakistani people around the world by turning each Ministry into a public agency that is digitally driven.

NITB Pakistan

The NITB, a subsidiary of the Ministry of IT, provided all technical facilities and support to the National Command and Operations Center’s (NCOC) structure during the outbreak of COVID-19. Without NITB, it would have been impossible to set up an (NCOC) structure in a short period of time. NITB Digital Pakistan has developed 35 useful apps and portals for providing public services to Pakistani citizens at the fingertips. It includes facilities of various platforms including Pak Nigheban, COVID-19 Information Platform, Resource Management System for NDM, Real-Time Dashboard for NCOC, Yaran Watan, Smart Lockdown System, E-Taleem application.

Explore the Contents

NITB Web Apps

  • Automation & Monitorization Portal for Ehsaas Program
  • Board of Investment VISA Portal
  • E-enablement of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)
  • Monitorization & Maintenance of PM Citizen Portal
  • Prime Minister Office Computerization
  • Monitoring & Evaluation System (M&ES)
  • E-Office
  • Digitization of Kamyab Jawan for Youth Betterment
  • Development of Mobile App for Wafaqi Mohtasib
  • WeCare
  • E-Taleem
  • Central Information Dashboard
  • Computerization & Execution of Government Cases
  • Yaran E Watan
  • Complaint Portal & Mobile App for Overseas Pakistanis
  • Infrastructure & Automation of President Secretariat
  • National Locust Control Centre
  • City Islamabad App
  • Mera Bacha Alert
  • National Jobs Portal
  • EAD NGO Portal
  • Central Collaborative System
  • ITNE Case Tracking System
  • Freelancer Facilitation Hub

NITB Mobile Apps

  • Pak Nigehban – National Emergency Response
  • Corona Relief Tigers Registration
  • Clean And Green Pakistan
  • Kamyab Jawan
  • Special Education
  • PM Citizen Portal
  • Baytee App
  • Durust Daam
  • City Islamabad App

NITB COVID-19 Projects

  • National Philanthropy Funding Project
  • Portal For Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Relief Fund
  • GOP-Covid Information Platform
  • Corona Relief Tigers Registration
  • Pass Trackpass Track
  • Pak Nigehban – National Emergency Response
  • Covid-19 Mobile Platform
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