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FastestVPN Review- Is FastestVPN a Powerfully Polished VPN?

FastestVPN Review

If you are cautious about your privacy and data protection, a good VPN provides you with a strong wall of defense. It’s a powerful tool that will hide your identity online and ensure privacy via an encrypted connection. This time, I have come up with the FastestVPN review. With a load of features and enticing prices, FastestVPN is a worth-trying ride.

Back when it was launched in 2016, FastestVPN was not able to get much attention due to its limited features and VPN servers. However, they have made significant improvements both in terms of features and servers available around the world.


Armed with all the security features that a good VPN should haveIt does not offer WireGuard Protocol at the moment
A good array of VPN servers around the globeIPSec is not available for desktop users
Excellent customer support
Very affordable price tags
It can be used be for streaming and gaming

Company’s Location

Cayman Island is known for its excellent privacy jurisdiction, thus an ideal place for a VPN working for internet freedom. It is a self-governing territory and not part of any international alliance for user data sharing, therefore can’t be forced to share any data with any government.


So does the FastestVPN is really fast as its name saying? Well, to be honest, it isn’t the fastest VPN, but I can say it a fairly fast. The VPN is efficient in delivering fairly fast speed for neighboring servers. Without any sluggishness, you can stream media and surf the internet. However, when I connected to distant servers from my location, I was unable to get consistent speed. The servers are fast enough but lack consistency.

Can I use the FastestVPN server for gaming?

For gaming

Yes, as mentioned earlier, FastestVPN is fairly fast. However, not every server is suitable for lag-free gaming. So, the probability is there that you have to spend some time finding a stable VPN server for gaming.

Can I use FastestVPN for streaming services?

Unblock Netflix

With an extensive network of VPN servers in 40+ countries, FastestVPN is powerful enough to unlock content beyond boundaries. Whether it’s Netflix or Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, you can connect to the US server and watch your favorite shows.

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FastestVPN boasts a lot of good security features as well as some additional features to improve the user experience.

FastestVPN encryption

FastestVPN comes with the toughest encryption available to ensure that the user’s data is safe in every situation. AES 256-bit encryption is also known as Military-grade encryption.

Log policy

As Fastest VPN operates from Cayman Island, that’s why it doesn’t come under 5/9/14 eye surveillance. It means not any organization nor the government can get their hands on FastestVPN users’ data. FastestVPN clarifies they don’t check the activities of their users and do not keep a record of it. The only thing they store is the user’s email address.

Kill switch

Kill switch

Basically, the kill switch kills the internet connection when any obstacle comes in the way of your online traffic. A question comes to mind: Why? When you are connected to a FastestVPN server, and at that time someone tries to hack in, the kill switch instantly cuts off the connection to save your identity from getting visible on a public connection.

Smart tunneling

Smart tunneling is quite a good feature by FastestVPN. It lets you choose the traffic flow that comes through the VPN tunnel and which one directly to public servers.

For example, if you are connected to a US VPN server, and you want to use google maps, here you can split the tunnel for google maps in order to work correctly.

P2P Torrenting

Thankfully FastestVPN servers come with P2P torrenting, which allows you to download torrents while connecting to any server. But a drawback here: you will lose some of your connection speed.

Multiple Protocols


VPN protocols are used to maintain speed and security. What I really admire, FastestVPN offers a roster of protocols such as:

  • IKEv2
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • UDP
  • IPSec
  • TCP

So whether you want to try the popular IKEv2 or the OpenConnect, FastestVPN holds everything. However, a bit of limitation here, IPSec is only available on mobile applications. Furthermore, so far, they do not offer the WireGuard, which is a hot topic in the VPN industry because of its speed and vigorous security.

NAT Firewall

It won’t be wrong to say that the NAT Firewall works similar to the Ozone layer as it protects humans from harmful rays coming to earth from the sun. NAT Firewall provides a protective shield to your connection from malware coming to your device through the internet.

Ad Blocker and Anti-malware

Only a few VPNs offer additional features like these, and thankfully FastestVPN is one of them. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to irritating ads and infected links as well because you aren’t going to see these ads after turning on this ad blocker.


FastestVPN Pricing

When it comes to pricing, FastestVPN is offering very cheap plans:  $1.11/month for 3 years and $2.49/month for a 2-year plan. But in case you want to try it just for one month, it will cost you $10/month.

I don’t prefer going with a one-month plan as FastestVPN gives a 15-day money-back guarantee.

How to create an account for FastestVPN?

  • Go to the Fastest VPN site
  • After you land on the home page, click on Buy Now at the right top of your screen
  • Now you have to select the Subscription plan
  • Provide the required info
  • Click on the payment method you want to go with

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Though FastestVPN was unable to gain much appreciation when it was launched, this didn’t stop the company. Therefore, now I can say FastestVPN holds speed, security, and tons of other features in its bucket. Plus, with incredibly low price tags, it is a worthy deal for your privacy protection.

There are still some areas where they need to put the focus like there were cases when I encountered slow connection speed, especially when connecting to distant servers. As a whole, I conclude it’s a good VPN for those who are not willing to spend a lot but looking for a simple VPN. I believe this FastestVPN review will prove helpful for you to decide whether it’s the one for you or not

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