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4 Hacks to Boost Your Broadband Speed

Boost Your Broadband Speed
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The Internet is prevalent in the lives of everyone. It’s key to be able to access the web at home and in the workplace. Communication is key, particularly for small businesses. Slow broadband will hamper apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and email delays. We ‘re going through four tricks you should use to improve your pace at broadband.

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1. Check Your Internet Speed

To boost your internet speed, first, you’ll need to find out what your current figures are. Check the line by using some free testing tools that can be found online. If you get what you’ve paid for according to your package and feel it’s not enough to upgrade and increase your bandwidth, look for some broadband deals.

See if you are getting what you pay for. For example, if it would have 20MB/20 MB, it would be about 20MBS for both your upload and download speed. Speaking of variations, it’s doubtful you can get the full 20mbs on either side but it should be near. If you have a problem, please contact your ISP to see if this can be solved.

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2. Router Position

The closest your laptop is to the router, the better the Wi-Fi. Signals can not penetrate rigid structures like thick walls. So seek to keep the route straight for best broadband service. Place the modem in a central position and higher with the fewest possible obstacles.

Ideally, it’s better to use cables instead of Wi-Fi to connect your laptop or computer. It will provide the most accurate signal to you. Try upgrading to a newer version if you have an older model router.

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Technology is constantly improving, and new machinery often works better than previous models. If you have to rely on Wi-Fi in the office, try to lengthen the broadband signal with a booster. If you are sitting far away from the router it will extend the reach.

3. Turn Off Other Devices

Turn off any connected devices that you don’t need to improve your signal. The more hardware that is linked to one supply of bandwidth, the higher the speed that they transmit the signal.

Most tablets and cellphones draw in the background on the broadband without you knowing it. Switch off the switch to Wi-Fi absolutely. You can also try to improve speeds using a broadband accelerator. This filters out network cabling interference.

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4. Clean Up Your PC

Our computers have a number of programs that may be in the background using the internet; some that you might not even know are involved. Processes such as windows updates, security checks, media player pop-ups, and Skype are just a few which may exhaust the bandwidth unnecessarily. Even website tabs that are open will affect the signal.

To raise it, you shut down any services you don’t actually use. Then open your task manager to see what other programs are running, and close those that you do not. Tap the Event tab, and you’ll see a rundown of what’s going on today.

Terminate any which is not necessary. If you’re uncertain about others, leave the programs running because they may be tasks that Windows requires to run. You can also delete the recycle bin regularly, and clear your browser history.


We can’t survive without the internet and entrepreneurs rely in particular on fast communication to do business. You need to learn what you have first to increase your speeds. When you know how good your signal is, you can concentrate on the progress. Check your router ‘s location and see to it that there are not many obstacles in the way.

Switch off any unwanted gadgets that might drain the signal, for example, tablets. Clean your Computer by switching applications that you do not use, and cleaning out old files. These tips will help increase your velocities on broadband. If you want the most out of your unit, and it’s not enough yet, you might need to upgrade to a bigger kit.

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