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8 Smart and proven Tricks for Attractive Look

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Everyone wants to look attractive, even though they deny it, but most don’t know how to look attractive. Costly clothing and a ton of makeup aren’t the solutions. They will make you look rich, possibly attracting gold diggers, but don’t be fooled that you look good. Use those scientifically proven tricks to enhance your personality if you want to look attractive.

Use the Cheerleader Effect

People look even more attractive when in a group. Hang out with a few friends and whoever sees you unconsciously finds you more attractive. This concept got fame after it was introduced by Barney Stinson in the drama serial “How I Met Your Mother.” What many people do not know is that it is a cognitive bias that is supported by psychologists and known as the effect of group attraction.

Flaunt Those Hips

Wear pants showing off your figure. That is not recommended for heterosexual men before you go buy some skinny jeans. You should also know how to walk properly, as well as clothing, to make the best of it. If you’re looking for a two-syllable damn, sway those hips.

Make Your Skin Younger

Nothing is more attractive than beautiful skin. Most of us look for the answer in makeup, which is wrong. Consider getting Crepe Erase treatment and adopt a healthy routine to make your skin smooth, bright, tight, and young.

Look Taller

Tall height is attractive, it’s no secret. Unfortunately not every one of us is born with a genetic lottery, and with any procedure, you can not increase your height. You can trick the minds of others to look taller though. Wearing the colors the same as black, like monochromatic color palettes, is believed to make you look larger.

Wear Red More Often

Red color has some magic to it that automatically looks more attractive to its wearer, whether man or woman. There have actually been studies to prove this fact. The same is true for wearing red lipstick (not recommended for men).

Walk with Confidence

Confidence is a hotkey, especially amongst men. Going around with a little attitude makes men attractive to women. Seek to push your arm slightly up and down while walking to add the touch of swagger. If you overdo it, this could go horribly wrong.

Build a Healthy Posture

A bowed body looks none good. Actually it sabotages quite a great personality. Unfortunately, this issue is caused by our common routine of sitting on a chair in front of the screen. Although we are unable to leave our employers, we can take a few minutes for a quick workout. Offer yourself five minutes to do posture-related exercises. A individual standing straight looks comfortable and confident is a hotkey, as we have discussed.

Wear Bright Clothes

Red isn’t the only magic color. When you know how to put it out, each color has its own advantage to give. While many people prefer to wear light clothes, bright clothes in color will make you look more attractive. That kind of dress stands out and makes you more visible.

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