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How to do YouTube Channel SEO in 2021

YouTube Channel SEO

Want to learn YouTube Channel SEO? YouTube is technically the second largest search engine in the world. With over 1 billion people visiting YouTube you have the chance to put your content in front of a global audience ready to buy. YouTube has roughly 22 billion monthly visits and the average session duration is just under 40 minutes.

Maybe you have a YouTube channel, but it doesn’t seem to be growing. Or if we’re being honest, you might not be putting enough effort in to grow it.

This approach has only a few problems:

  • The capabilities of youTube bot detection improve and improve
  • The algorithms focus more on user behavior instead of counts.
  • It could be costly

If your YouTube views are a marketer or content creator, it will take you time and effort; however, when you do that, you will be rewarded with better views, a better user experience, and opportunities to expand your audience and content.

YouTube is one of the world’s leading platforms for audiences, with its large number of users. Whether you share recipes, teach people how to make dumb origamis or chairmen, the platform can reach billions.

We will show you in this article how you can do SEO your YouTube channel in order to see the number of your subscribers going up.

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Get Views from YouTube’s Organic Search Results: YouTube Channel SEO

Youtube Channel SEO
YouTube Channel SEO

Like Google’s algorithms for search results, YouTube has its own algorithms, which show users the best, most relevant videos.

Imagine if a blind person has the responsibility to categorize content accordingly.

Sound hard? Sound hard?

Fortunately, in its algorithm, YouTube has several factors to decide which videos are the best and ranked among its search results.

Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

This is where your keyword investigation is at stake. There are two things to be done by a descriptive and interesting title: give keywords to the algorithm to sort and attract users and inform them about the video’s significance. You can use traditional SEO methods such as the use of Google Keyword Planner or other keyword research tools to conduct keyword research.

To check the popularity of keywords on YouTube, go to the Keyword planner. Optimization of your video content for right keywords will contribute to organic views through the information of users and the search engine.

Write Quality and Keyword Rich Descriptions

The video description provides the search engines and users with more information on the exact meaning of your video. This helps to improve the click rate and hence views, because users know what to expect from your video.

Try to stand out both and remain generic, while trying to classify short-tail keywores. You should capture interest. Enter and optimize users with their descriptions above the fold as you would with a regular SEO description for the YouTube search engine.

Use Keyword Tags

Furthermore, YouTube video tags help to distinguish the content of your video and help the algorithm understand what the users will see on your video. These should reflect the core of your video together with your description and title. Think again about SEO short-tail.

You can use a keyword planner, as mentioned above, if you need help with the keyword.

Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

Your image can work wonderfully, like your picture of a hero, if your YouTube views are increasing whether they appear in the organic results page, the videos suggested or social media pages. When featured in your video, use high-quality images with readable and moving fonts and faces.

In order to increase your video views, make your views a visual correspondent to your title and description.

Create Transcripts of Your Videos

Lowers or transcripts of your videos were discussed extensively in order to raise your ranking for you on YouTube. However, closed subtitles can help you get more views from YouTube when they meet international audiences and people with disabilities.

Good rankings for the organic results of YouTube can immensely boost your views and ensure a sustainable viewing method. Buying YouTube views can boost views quickly, but it’s not a good solution for the long term, as behavioral analysis in the views of YouTube’s algorithms are more important.

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Increase Views With Your Video Content: YouTube Channel SEO

Youtube Channel SEO
YouTube Channel SEO

In determining how many views your video gets, the content is the most important factor. Good content leads to better behavioral analysis, which is better recognized and enhanced by YouTube’s algorithm for your video.

Provide the Quality Content

Your video content should give the viewer value; whether it teaches them how to do something or understand something, or whether it just keeps them engaged. If users find your content valuable, they will return to your other future video content and increase their views.

Piggyback off of Viral Trends

Create video content that removes existing viral trends from existing ones. In the context of a viral phenomenon, there is already an inherent market desire for content to be seen, so tap into it.

Your video contents cannot always be easy or connected to ongoing trends, but if you find a clever way to do that, with the help of a public hungry for more trending contextual contents, you can increase your views on YouTube.

Use Guest YouTubers

Similar to blog posts, youTubers, industry influencers and individuals can do wonders to improve your views as guests with their own follow-up. Like marketing influencers, YouTubing can attract your users to the names of the household industry and offer a different and unique perspective on the sphere of your industry.

Provide a connection in your description to one of their videos or websites and form an advantageous reciprocal relationship.

Grow Youtube Channel With Trending Content

Perhaps you already have a series of videos to make for your channel, but no one wants to watch in a sea of videos if your videos aren’t focused on what people are looking for your content.

The truth hurts, but you have to begin with content that interests viewers in order to expand your canal, and it can mean making videos based on trend content.

You will be on track for attracting the right audience and subscriber so long as this aligns with what your network is.

When it comes to creating content, do not make this a strict rule. My advice is to create trendy videos and videos on the channel you would like to see. This balance can help quick and long-term viewers to grow your channel and keep true to the brand of your YouTube channel.

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Generating Views From the YouTube Platform: YouTube Channel SEO

YouTube Channel SEO
YouTube Channel SEO

The bottom line of YouTube is that users will remain on the platform. They rake a lot of advertising cash and the more users watch videos, the more profits they are. There are therefore many ways that you can activate your subscribers and video views on the platform.

Create Video Content that Imitates Your Industry’s Best

The suggested videos section on the sidebar and the grids will provide a potential goldmine to boost your views.

YouTube algorithms present content in this section as if it were an organic result with one caution: a user’s video, just seen by him, may be less related to the original query and more relevant to the video that the user has just seen. The content presented at the end of a viewed video is therefore similar to the content just viewed.

By optimizing your video for other popular videos, you will improve the ability of drive users to quickly view your YouTube channel and video.

You can target similar keywords and descriptions and create video content with a more engaging tone or more accessible information on the same theme.

Use Cards

You can promote your other content within your video with these YouTube Optimization Features. You can create cards for which:

  • Promote other content for video
  • Get more subscribers to channels
  • Donate for a non-commercial
  • Encourage people to participate in a poll Send traffic to your website

You should use these cards to encourage users to view your lesser-looked content and to subscribe to your channel in order to increase the video view. Use your behavioral analysis to see where users stop viewing your video and implement the card in advance to make sure more viewers see it.

YouTube behavioral analysis gives you many practical insights and measurements to inform any decision you make to increase your video views.

Create End Screens

The final screens serve the special feature that you do at the end of your video a little bit. You will provide all of your details on your channel, your other playlists, the videos and your checked website to users who have enjoyed your contents.

If you gain more subscribers or communicate with other videos, both optimization capabilities will improve your YouTube views directly or indirectly.

In order to add end screens, click on the video you would like to add and click Finish Screens & Annotations to your video manager. You can add more features from there.

End screens are a perfect way to encourage your own content before the algorithms of YouTube suggest other famous videos and get people out of the channel or videos.

Promote a Marquee Video

You will spread information about other videos and your YouTube channel by making a marquee video on YouTube. Your video has a decent marker of at least 5,000 views so that because of its already established success, you can find more search results.

As mentioned above, in your marquee video, you can build cards, terminals, and other links to your other video content.

Much like internet links, your brand videos can be a great way for your less well-known videos and channel to drive traffic and views.

Use Autoplay for your Embedded Videos

When it is embedded, autoplay automatically starts to play a video. You should be careful when doing this because some users may be irritated by self-playing videos. If the video material is explanatory, it might be a good idea to use it, because users may leap into the video instantly and clarify what they can do.

Just add this code at the end of the URL in the iframe to allow autoplay of embedded content.

By embedding a playlist with the same code you can also set a playlist to autoplay.

Create Playlists

To allow viewers to watch it consecutively create playlists for your content. After the first video finishes, your other videos will play automatically to get more views for every video played without having to navigate the player.

You can integrate, post and share playlists in your channel to maximize cumulative views for each playlist.

Make each one special and give it the order in which it is played flow and significance. They are perfect for education or entertainment that tells a story or discusses how various components shape a whole.

Be Present Within Your Niche Community

One thing is to promote yourself as an expert in your own videos, but being an active participant in your niche is another thing. Comment on other videos and give your input and connect others to your content to provide them with additional details if video content is missing.

Try being as helpful as possible and more users are rewarded for increasing your abonns and your video views.

Grow Youtube Channel By Joining the YouTube Community

It isn’t the only thing that your YouTube videos need to expand. It also helps actively to be away from the YouTube culture. You can network, gain input, and share interest in people with the same interests as you.

It is just like selling lemonade inside your house to decide not to join your society in the expectation that someone will break in and buy the entire bottle. Go out, participate and comment on the material of other Youtuber. Go to meet up with other creators like yourself to find out who might be right in your niche. Events like Vid Con or Content Marketing Environment.

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Off-Page View Boosters: YouTube Channel SEO

YouTube Channel SEO
YouTube Channel SEO

YouTube has the rare opportunity to work on a multitude of social media sites. It can be integrated and exchanged with a few taps, often virally. Here are a few ways to get more views from YouTube outside the website.

Increase Your Video’s SEO Ranking

Traditional SEO also helps increase the views of YouTube, as the videos which also outstrip the website they are featured in the search engines.

Video embeds are counted as backlinks, and links point to the YouTube video that supports your SEO rating in this case. You will double the traffic on your video and maximize your views with an adequate rating for the SERPs.

Post Links to Your Videos on Your Social Media Profiles

Promotion across platforms can work well with YouTube, particularly when driving users to see it. By sharing links on other accounts, you can hit your entire base to spin them into your video. Share the link as a post or enter it to better your views in the profile description.

You can also gain favor with algorithms by moving traffic from your social media profile to YouTube by making you the source of several sessions that begin on the site. Sessions beginning with your video show that you introduce the users of your video to YouTube, which leads to a more favorable organic rating and more views.

Find Niche Communities to Share Your Video with

You can share your content in a number of ways. Various sub-revisions on Reddit or Quora topics that are important for the interests of your video and share your content with target audiences.

There are also places to share your video with YouTube enthusiasts, such as /r/GetMoreViewsYT. On this sub-narration, people post videos and vote in favor of them. The winner will be held to the top of the subreddit for visiting and watching people next week.

You may use other social bookmarking sites to pedal your video desires, such as Stumbleupon or Pinterest.

Reach Out to Influencers to Promote Your Video

Marketing with influences is becoming a source for large-scale audiences. They have interconnected communities who share their content and post it again, which is capable of providing a viral spike in their views.

You may use Unamo Social Media in order to identify and support influencers in your area of interest.

As viewers follow and frequently discuss the contents that they have already, one segment of your video will generate several views on your YouTube video and channel.

Grow Your Youtube Channel by Uploading Your Videos on Facebook

You will be able to reach a broader audience interested in the material by putting your videos on other video sites such as Youtube. If 68% of marketers have published and 87% find that video content is successful on Facebook.

While the majority of marketers claim that they prefer YouTube over facebook (87% vs. 68%), the findings speak for themselves when combined for video and marketing activities.

It helps your viewers to quickly access their content without any issue with changing platforms if they have a series of videos on Facebook. In your description/submission you can position a connection to subscribe so any subscriber can be picked up along the way.

You don’t post Facebook videos or Instagram on Facebook with best practice to maximize your videos and SEOs on Facebook. Instead, use a Facebook video uploader to upload your YouTube videos.

Grow Youtube Channel With Ads

The use of organic growth on your YouTube channel is great but it may speed things up by adding a little paid promotion.

Creating an advertisement campaign in YouTube helps to push your page visitors and subscribers. Build an ad in your budget, such as paying only when someone plays or clicks on your video ad. Similar to Facebook but YouTube-customized advertising.

Embed Video Subscription Plugins Widgets on Your Blog

Entering your video will get more views on your video, but providing your channel with a subscription button will prove extremely important over time. Approximately 50% of views from subscribers on a video give you a big boost in views of your images.

Follow these YouTube instructions and use the widget on pages embedded in your video to install the subscription widget.

Post About Giveaways and Promotions with the Links Embedded in Your Video Description

All of them love a good gift. If you post a promotion, donation or advertising to social media, and inform your supporters that your video description includes a connection, the users will be sent to the YouTube page in the vidéo so that the views will rise.

10 Tools You Need for YouTube Channel SEO

Not only will I show your channel best, but I will also leave you with a list of the top 10 tools for your YouTube channel to expand.

  1. Canva: Use Canva to create free YouTube thumbnails with free templates and designs easily.
  2. Keyword Tool: Use Keyword Tool to help you find specific keywords that rank on Google and Youtube so you can optimize your content for SEO.
  3. VidIQ: The go-to YouTube analytic tool to help you to reach your goals and learn what you need to improve your channel.
  4. TubeBuddy: This is a YouTubers best friend, it helps you to streamline your daily workflow on YouTube as well as editing and manage your content in bulk.
  5. Social Blade: Social Blade gives access to data-driven YouTuve ranking and analytics for not just your YouTube channel but others as well.
  6. YouTube Studio: The official YouTube app for creators is YouTube Studio. This is an essential tool to navigate your mobile device channel on the go, which anyone taking their channel seriously has to do. YouTube Studio will track your channel’s output in real time using analytics. You can address and filter comments. Get push notifications and reminders for important events straight to your mobile devices. Directly from the app, you can monitor your settings, thumbnails, schedule and other information. You can upgrade your channel from anywhere with this app.
  7. Bitly: You’ll be using this tool a lot when it comes to sharing your YouTube video links. Bitly helps you to take a long URL and turn it into a short and simple link.
  8. Google Analytics:: YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics make a powerful duo when it comes to tracking your YouTube and website metrics to see the results of all your promotion and actions.
  9. Camtasia: Use this app for professional screen and video editing when you need it the most.
  10. Social Media Management Tools: Use social media management tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to better manage and promote your YouTube channel and videos on social media consistently.


It takes time to get several views on YouTube. The platform has its own monitors and balances to ensure that quality video content is still available to its users. Try to create an active subscription base, and it will share your views with the lion.

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