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What is the EAT and Importance of EAT in the 2020 SEO Strategy?

Google EAT

We all know about Google crawler, it is designed as the algorithm of Google. It visits the content of websites to check the quality and checks the trustworthiness of the content. There is a team of people who are working behind the crawler to keep a check over the proper working of Google.

The team of people employed by Google keeps spot-check on the accuracy of Google’s algorithm. It is done by the manual searches which are made by the team the same as you and I use to search. These Quality Raters check the quality of highly ranked websites for the question of searchers.

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Google presented a new algorithm update in 2018 through which marketers realized that EAT is more important for the rankings. Google also made EAT a crystal clear important element for Search Quality Ratings in May 2019.

Now let us have a look at EAT. It is the acronym of the 3 main principles Google which is used by Google crawler to assess each piece of content. These principles are;


The content’s author must be an expert on the topic. The Quality Raters are instructed to find out the expertise by looking at the experience of the author in that respective topic. The author may not have formal education on the topic just like from the 6DollarsEssay but should have direct experience accompanied by thorough content.

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The content writer or website must have credibility and should be well-known in its respected profession. Authority can come from credentials, reviews, consistent creation of similar content, and much more. You do not need to have 10,000 followers on Instagram. The author must have authorization on the subject.


The information on the website must be reliable and trustable enough to gain the attention and trust of the audience. To win the trust of the audience on your website, you must make precise and unique content. Quality Raters examine the website and keep the focus on finding privacy policies, editorial policies, and security updates.

EAT affects the YMYL websites(your money or your life) a lot more than non YMYL. The YMYL websites potentially impact the future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users. HND assignment writing help also believes that you must check your website keenly if it falls under any such criteria which can affect the user in any manner then pay close attention to what you are publishing. And if your website cannot impact anyone in that regard then EAT doesn’t apply at you.

EAT plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. Below is the importance of EAT in 2020 SEO strategies.

Website Ranking:

For YMYL sites, EAT is extremely important and they must be sure about what they are publishing on their websites. Google ranks the high EAT website in 3 categories.

  • High Reputation: the publication must be very well-known.
  • User Experience Must Be Good: the publications provide users with what they want
  • Self-Reference: the website is about itself.

Optimization of About and Author Page:

The page of about and author are extremely important to EAT. Google understand your expertise and authority via these pages. Design these pages in a way that your company is an expert and your authors’ writing content is experts. Add the awards that you have won. Link to relevant social media channels for your company and the authors.

Final Thoughts:

The trustworthiness of EAT is the most important for the SEO strategy of your company. Google also stated if your website does not allow visitors to contact you then you are hopefully at the fault. It is basically all about transparency. Give your website visitors, your phone number at first by putting it in the header and footer. Also, keep the options of live chat and contact us.

EAT is one of the most important parts of SEO and a company or a business must be improving it especially the YMYL websites. Do it in 2 ways, be legit, and hire experts. Businesses must care for the customers. Whenever there is better and more authoritative content out there then Google will send traffic their way. So always work to paint your expertise to Google. It asks for your time and effort to keep working on the EAT because its criteria is evolving over time.

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