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Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023

Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023

Do you know Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023? Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, producing mind-boggling improvements, but as it advances, it also becomes increasingly bizarre. The strange products and technologies that will be available in 2023 include those that are truly helpful.

Here are a some of the bizarre inventions that are predicted for 2023.

Withings Urine Detector

Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023
Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023

Urine can be collected using the peculiar 90mm pebble-shaped U-Scan, which has a collection inlet. A pump that transports the urine to a particular test pod where an optical module reads a chemical reaction is initiated when the presence of urine is recognised by a thermal sensor.

The U-Scan may take many readings by passing urine through various pods. The U-Scan is cleaned when the toilet flushes after the pee has been measured and purged through a waste exit.

Numerous miniature test pods are included with the U-Scan, and they can offer a range of health measurements. Over WiFi, the U-Scan transmits the data to the Withings app on an iPhone. The reader itself is rechargeable, and each test pod cartridge lasts for three months before needing to be replaced. Based on the findings of a urine test, the Withings app is able to offer results, practical insights, and advice.

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In the second quarter of 2023, Withings will introduce the U-Scan in Europe. The reader and one cartridge will cost 499.95 euros. Following more FDA testing, U-Scan will be offered in the US.


Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023
Four Weirdest Inventions Are Scheduled For 2023

At CES 2023, the Japanese robots company Aeolus Robotics unveiled its new metal mate, which was created in part to support overworked healthcare facilities.

It is designed specifically to assist elderly and ill persons in managing their health.

The robot uses a plethora of cameras and IR sensors on its base for autonomous navigation. It can walk about a room, use its nimble right arm to open doors and ride elevators, and use the UV light on its left to sanitise surfaces ( a big hit during the pandemic).

It can be utilised for food delivery, security, and patrolling. Although the company claims that few situations require that level of control, the robot may also be controlled remotely when necessary.

According to Aeolus, the robot’s arm is just one of several exclusive parts that go into its construction. While conventional opinion is that creating your own robot arm is a bit of a fool’s errand in the modern world, there are some activities that must be completed from scratch.

Yukai Engineering’s breathing Pillow

Another Japanese robotics company, Yukai Engineering, presented Fufuly at CES. In its purest form, Fufuly is basically a comforting pillow. According to the hardware startup, the gadget uses “respiratory entrainment,” a phenomena in which a user’s breathing cadence mirrors that of a respirator.

This indicates that rather than the other way around, the person’s respiration synchronises with the robot cushion. According to Yukai, the product was created using data from University of Tokyo study.

There has undoubtedly been a lot written on the benefits of breathing for elevating mood and lowering anxiety. The connection between breathing and meditation is due to this very fact.

Glüxkind’s Self-driving Stroller

The autonomous The $3,300 self-driving stroller means that although it cannot run away, parents do not have to push the stroller.

According to the website of Canadian startup Glüxkind, the Ella AI has a dual-motor system for uphill walking and an autonomous brake aid function for downhill walking in case the parent drops anything unintentionally or lets go of the grip. According to Auto Evolution, the technology is comparable to the pedal assistance in electric motorcycles.

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